Transparent Solar Panels

Solar energy generation has come a long way. Solar panels have become cheaper, easier to install, and more efficient. But what if they were unobtrusive as well? What if we could use transparent solar panels as windows? Minute Earth tells us a new innovation that could change solar collection considerably.  

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My bedroom is on the side of the house that gets all the afternoon sun, which makes taking an afternoon nap difficult in the summer. I can block the light, but it would be nice if I could store that light and especially the heat and use it for something else later.  

The problem is new technology is that the improvements and cost reductions come so quickly that early adopters are penalized for getting on the bandwagon early. But if we didn’t have early adopters, innovation and sales would stall out before a new idea takes off. -via Geeks Are Sexy

Source: neatorama

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