Trash Bin Travels from South Carolina to Ireland

A recycling barrel washed up on the shore in Mulranny, County Mayo, on the west coast of Ireland. Keith McGreal saw it on his local beach and took a closer look. The stickers on the bin clearly showed that it belonged to the city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! That’s a distance of 5500 kilometers, or 3500 miles. McGreal sent a message to Myrtle Beach via the city’s website, telling of the find.

Someone on the town’s staff replied and joked that one employee had already volunteered to travel to Ireland to fetch the wayward barrel, but apparently that request will not be honored. They asked that McGreal go ahead and recycle the bin on his side of the Atlantic.

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No one knows when the bin started its journey to Ireland, but the barnacles it collected along the way indicate that it has been quite some time. -via Boing Boing

Source: neatorama

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