Trend in Tokyo: Renting an Apartment without a Bath

If you’re young and broke and living in the city, do you really need a shower? I mean, occasionally, you should take a shower. But do you need an apartment that has its own shower?

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Sora News 24 reports that increasing numbers of young residents in Tokyo are deliberately choosing apartments that are so inexpensive that they don’t have a shower, then making use of one of the city’s declining number of sentos–public bathhouses.

There’s a risk involved: sentos aren’t open 24 hours a day and the average cost of a single use is about 500 yen ($3.86 USD). But this option is popular enough that there’s now a website that specializes in helping people find apartments without baths within a short walking distance of a sento.

Photo: Pakutso

Source: neatorama

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