Truck-Mounted Robot Arm Builds Structures Straight from CAD File

An Australian company called FastBrick Robotics has invented what may be an architect’s wildest fantasy: The ability to go from a CAD file to a standing structure, with no chance for those pesky human workers to muck up their design.

The company’s FastBrick Wall System uses the Hadrian X, a gigantic truck-mounted robot arm, to precisely lay specially designed cinderblocks adhered to one another with industrial adhesive, rather than mortar.

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The company refers to their offering as “Wall as a service,” conferring the following advantages:

– Build the walls of a house in one day

– Maintain accuracy over distance

– Safer working environments

– Moving toward zero waste construction

– Significant cost savings

As for putting bricklayers out of work, the company writes:

“Hadrian X and its underlying technology signals the next evolution for bricklayers. It enables them to transition away from laborious, unsafe and physically demanding tasks and move into smarter, safer roles that offer a physically sustainable career path.”

Source: core77

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