True Facts About the Amoeba, or Actually Lots of Amoebas

How much do you know about amoebas? Not nearly as much as you’re about to find out from Ze Frank. This video was shot completely under a microscope, and it will blow your mind. The amoeba Dictyosteliumact like normal single-celled microbes as long as there is plenty of food to eat and no sexy amoebas around they aren’t related to. But under the right circumstances, amoebas will form colonies and turn into a slug and then into a plant or fungus or something. Or at least that’s how they act. It’s very weird, and very well worth dealing with an in-video ad plus YouTube ads. At the end, we get a frightening scenario that only happens when two amoebas love each other very much and decide to take over the world. Plus all the double entendres you’d expect from Ze Frank.

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Source: neatorama

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