Trump Mocks Greta Thunberg For Being Time’s Person Of The Year, So She Changes Her Twitter Bio

Greta Thunberg is definitely a figure that most of the world has heard about. From her humble one-man efforts to raise awareness about the climate change outside the Swedish parliament to her thunderous speech at the UN Summit, Greta has been the inspiring voice of her generation. Her efforts and powerful speeches have drawn plenty of admiration all around the world, eventually leading to a global climate strike right before the UN Climate Action Summit in New York. But as it drew applause from one side, it also received a lot of criticism from others.

One of her most notorious critics is the US President Donald Trump who went out of his way to mock Thunberg’s efforts on more than one occasion. And while the previous attack on the 16-year-old was more mellow, this time Trump truly took a jab at the activist by telling her to chill.

Greta Thunberg was recently named Time’s Person of the Year

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And Trump clearly took offence at the fact, expressing his feelings on Twitter

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Greta pulled the same thing she did before and put Trump’s comment in her bio

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Greta did it before, when Trump made comments about her UN speech

You can watch her powerful message in the video below

Thunberg has made it clear that her message does not belong to any political party

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That was most likely a response to critics claiming that she’s a puppet of the left wing

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Here’s how people responded to the situation

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