Tuft + Paw is Not Your Grandma's Cat Furniture 

One of the main reasons why I don’t want a cat (besides being allergic, which is a pretty big reason) is the ugly furniture cats require. I’d rather not invade my apartment with fragrant litter boxes, tan carpeted climbing posts and whatever else cats need so stay content with their indoor lifestyles. 

My mind is slowly changing, though, thanks to cat furniture and accessories brand Tuft + Paw. Instead of sticking with designs and materials that have sold well for years, Tuft + Paw saw a need for cat furniture that fits in with a modern home. To fill this need, they’ve designed a full collection of furniture and home items for cats, consisting of beds, shelves, scratching posts, litter boxes and more. Of course, the price points are higher than your typical plastic litter box, so you’ll need to carefully consider how much (in dollar amount) your cat’s luxury means to you. 

When asked if there are any special considerations when designing furniture for cats instead of humans, Tuft + Paw’s design team responded with the following:

“Usually when you’re designing a product, you start by asking potential users about their problems. Cat furniture presents a unique challenge because we can’t actually ask cats what they want, what makes them happy, or the issues they have with current products. The way we solve this is by starting from the ground up and researching basic questions like ‘what makes cats happy? why do cats scratch?’.

We work with cat behaviorists and local shelters to find the answers to these questions so that we can make some calculated design choices. And finally, the most important step is to test our assumptions by creating product prototypes and carefully observing cats use the product before moving forward with production.”

This cat shelf focuses your cat’s jumping desires to a single, comfortable place
This is a litter box
The front opens up for easy cleaning
This cat is so cozy it’s almost cute
A scratching post that’s more friendly on the eyes than the typical ones you find in pet stores or your grandma’s living room
A subtle, wall-mounted scratching post

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