Turn Your Writing into Art with a Great Calligraphy Set

Imagine a dozen or so people bent over paper, each one doing both the same thing as the others and doing something entirely different. This is “A Brush with Silence,” a live exhibition created by artist and calligrapher Brody Neuenschwander, which gathers calligraphers who write in a range of languages and scripts. Attendees can observe the many nuances between Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic, Western, and other calligraphic scripts. One of the oldest visual art forms in history, calligraphy is an all-encompassing term that not only spans cultures, each with their own requisite tools, but history. While Western calligraphy traditionally uses flat- and flex-nib pens to create script, Eastern calligraphy tends toward brushes and Arabic calligraphy often uses a hollow reed pen. Today, chisel- and brush-tip markers can be used for colorful calligraphy. For the best calligraphic pen sets with which to achieve a range of styles, explore the following options.

Source: artnews.com

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