Turning Band Names Into Food

🎵 Love music and snack? Combine the two by turning band names into food puns! Like Fleetwood Mac and Cheese, James Brownie, Stevie Wonder Bread and many more.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

🏠 This man lived in a 500-year-old house for 30 years before he discovered that there’s a secret room behind his bookshelf, and a mysterious old safe. So, what’s inside the safe? Let’s find out.

💰 This city will give you $5000, gift cards to the farmer’s market, home cooked meals and “grandparents on demand” if you move there.

👶 Man recreated maternity photoshoot with his one-year-old daughter to honor his late wife.

🐱 Woman messed with this cat by turning it into a zen garden. But whatever you do, don’t mess with this cat, who’ll defend its food from a wild bobcat.

🌎 This is what the Earth and the Sun look like from the South Pole of the Moon.

🐊 Three eyelids, retractable in battle, and night vision: why crocodile eyes are an engineering marvel.

Today’s link round up is from our new sites: Pop Culturista, Homes & Hues, Supa Fluffy, and Pictojam. They’ve got a new frontpage design, so please check ’em out! Thank you!

Source: neatorama

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