Turning Raisins Into Grapes: Is It Possible?

Oh, to be a five-year-old again and have all the curiosity and imagination in the world. Well, this little girl Kara is actually seven and she asked this peculiar question which, mind you, is a valid one. Raisins are dried grapes after all. But can we actually turn them back into grapes?

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Short version is this: Back when you couldn’t just go buy a bottle of wine, folks would, instead, buy a giant brick of raisins, soak them in water to rehydrate the dried-out fruit and then store that juice in a dark cupboard for 60 days.

This is how the alcohol-drinking public pulled itself up by its bootstraps. The important takeaway is that you can make shriveled raisins plump again — but that’s not the same thing as turning them back into grapes.

The difficulty of turning a raisin into a grape isn’t just a matter of linguistics but also one of chemistry. At a molecular level, raisins are completely different from grapes and so it’s not about making them plump again then they could be called ‘grapes’. The chemical composition of the two are quite distinct.

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Source: neatorama

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