Turns Out the CopterPack Video was Faked

Last month we showed you video of the CopterPack, a twin-rotor backpack helicopter designed as an alternative to jetpacks. The video was compelling, and we were duped. It turns out the flight was faked.

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Eagle-eyed drone videographer Nick Adams thought the video was real, too. Then he started looking closer—and by bumping up the video’s color and saturation, discovered a vertical column of masked video leading from the top of the frame down to the pilot. In other words, it seems the pilot was actually suspended from a wire, and carried around either by a helicopter or a crane.

Here’s how Adams uncovered the fakery:

After the discovery was made, CopterPack altered the copy on their website to state that the flight was indeed a “tethered test.”

via New Atlas

Source: core77

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