Turns Out There’s A Dedicated Community For Sharing Pics Of Extraordinary Weather Conditions And Phenomena, And Here Are 50 Of The Best Ones

A patchy drizzle, a snowstorm in the middle of December, a foggy morning and a burst of clear sunshine on that fine Friday afternoon – are all common and equally vital events that happen daily in our atmosphere. 

Weather is a very influential thing that affects our lives on a day-to-day basis. Think about it – it determines our mood, picks the choice of attire we’re going to wear, decides if the plans we’ve established will be enjoyable in the given circumstances, or whether it’s a good idea to carry them out in general. 

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More extreme weather events like tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and floods can put individuals in risky circumstances, where they may lose their homes and family members or suffer potentially fatal injuries; however, we can all agree that seeing certain phenomena, even if it’s just a giant spark in the sky, can leave you pondering how intimidatingly impressive our world is. 

Well, as it turns out, there’s a dedicated online community that shares a wide range of weather images, and today, Bored Panda has collected a couple of its best ones.

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#1 Texas, May 17 2021; Credit To Stormchaser Laura Rowe

Image credits: spinosaurus_love

The truth is, you don’t have to be a social media fanatic to have heard of Reddit. It’s a massive forum with 52 million daily active users where you’re bound to find a community that will tickle your fancy the most, and today we’ll be casting our attention to one of its image-based groups:

“Welcome to [community name]! This is a subreddit for high quality images of the wide range of weather phenomena, from violent storms to beautiful weather” – the group has been blessing folks with its content since May, 2011 and is currently the proud owner of 181K members. It dedicates its postings solely to high-resolution photos of different and noteworthy events such as snowstorms, tornadoes, rainstorms – basically all things weather.

#2 Amazing Photo By Adam Kyle Jackson

Image credits: PoppersOfCorn

To put it shortly, weather is the state of the atmosphere – however, specifically for our planet, the majority of events take place in the troposphere, the lowest layer of the atmosphere, which is around 18 kilometers (11.18 miles) above the Earth’s surface. As we all probably know, it refers to things such as: our daily temperature, precipitation (which is any liquid or frozen water that forms in the atmosphere and descends back to Earth), wind, and clouds.

It’s important to distinguish between the terms and not confuse weather with “climate,” as weather is recognized to describe short-term atmospheric conditions, while climate refers to weather that is averaged over a lengthy period of time in specific regions.

#3 Supercell Near Leoti, Ks

Image credits: Mikashuki

#4 From A Storm Over Edmonton Canada

Image credits: Background-Milk9760

Nature produces unusual weather conditions, and just when you think that you’ve seen it all, perhaps, just like the members of this subreddit, you might be fortunate enough to witness some of the most jaw-dropping (sometimes downright chilling) atmospheric phenomena. 

So-called “blood rain,” which is not as alarming as it might sound and occurs when a high concentration of red-colored dust gets mixed into rain; high tides; rotating thunderstorms; coastal flooding; winter storms that feature freezing rain – the force and diversity of the weather can be truly astounding.

#5 A Pilot Captured This Thunderstorm As Seen From 37,000 Feet

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Image credits: donlic

#6 Stormy Sunset, Wild Horses Beach, North Carolina (Oc) [4882 X 5945]

Image credits: Slapdisk

While the severity of each weather event varies, it is in your best interest to be on guard and to be mindful of a few safety precautions that might lessen the possible impact.

The National Safety Council, America’s leading non-profit safety advocate that specializes in reporting the facts on preventable injuries and deaths, stated that “weather-related deaths are up 35% from 2017,” with conditions such as winter weather and tornados being the leading cause of death and injuries. 

#7 A Storm Forming Over Wisconsin

Image credits: prbecker

#8 Photo Taken In Oahu, Hawaii By Benji Barnes [1786×2048]

Image credits: TheRoyalDon

#9 Bilbao , Spain. Last Night

Image credits: NolifeX

First and foremost – have a master plan for the unforeseen disaster on hand; pack your first aid kit and discuss the plan with your close ones. Carry a charged phone or a portable power bank at all times in case the situation calls (no pun intended) for an emergency phone ring. Always listen to experts such as safety officers, and evacuate the area when the circumstances demand it. Last, but certainly not least – stay calm and remember that an already stressful event can be made much worse when you don’t keep your cool. 

#10 Rainbow

Image credits: toddotodd

#11 Sprites Over Oklahoma (Paul M Smith) [1280×832]

Image credits: earthmoonsun

#12 Mammatus Clouds Fishers, Indiana. 45-60 Mins After Hail And A Tornado Cell Later Down Wind

Image credits: NoBasket9151

Chances are that you’ll be safe and sound, even in the case of a tornado – however, being prepared is critical. It’s equally vital to be mindful and respect the power of nature and not to try and go out of your way to, for instance, capture how the active lightning strikes. Bored Panda hopes that you’ve enjoyed this collection of breathtaking views. Give the community a follow – and remember, safety is our number one priority! 

#13 60,000′ High Supercell In West Texas, Gearing Up To Spawn A Tornado And Hailstorm

Image credits: GSyncNew

#14 Taken Near Glenburn, Nd, Last Night

Image credits: NativeJim

#15 What Made The Light Look Like That (They Were Not Like That Before Or The Next Day) Mideast Sweden A Week Ago

Image credits: HMD_086

#16 Sunrays

Image credits: bowhunter2621

#17 Florida(St Petersburg) [3100×3100 10mb] [oc]

Image credits: BrentBphotography

#18 Twister At Wyoming , USA

Image credits: touchfeel

#19 Incoming Storm Sioux Falls, Sd. Photo Cr. Alex Resel

Image credits: Mikashuki

#20 Can Anyone Explain How This Ice Is Formed On Our Car Windscreen. The Weather Was Raining Then Froze Quickly But Only To Around -1c

Image credits: theroch_

#21 Wetaskiwin, Alberta

Image credits: Parker1055

#22 Storm Rolling In Over The Great Plains In Montana – Image Courtesy Of Anthony Spencer [960×640]

Image credits: CountrymanR60

#23 Turkish Delight

Image credits: HauryDoing

#24 Supercell Thunderstorm, Bolton, Ks

Image credits: prbecker

#25 Epic Double Rainbow ?

Image credits: Frosthuf

#26 Nice Little Severe Thunderstorm Last Night In New Braunfels, Tx

Image credits: texasbassdaddy

#27 Apocalyptic Sky In Northern California Yesterday Due To Smoke From Nearby Fires

Image credits: catsnothats

#28 ‘Sunbow’ Above Plymouth, UK Yesterday

Image credits: Mr_Oblong

#29 Sunset Lightning On Florida’s Space Coast Yesterday Evening [oc] [2048×1635]

Image credits: johnkphotos

#30 Backside Of A Storm. Powhatan Va

Image credits: PhotonPainter

#31 Wicked Severe Thunderstorm Front Over Minneapolis, Mn Yesterday

Image credits: NativeJim

#32 Can Someone Explain This?

Image credits: Blueomicron13

#33 Double Rainbow Strike Over Chicago, Il

Image credits: RealTimLyons

#34 Moose Jaw Thunderstorm In Southern Saskatchewan

Image credits: DreErwinPhotography

#35 Sunrise This Morning In West Texas (Friend Took Pic – It’s His Oc But He Doesn’t Use Reddit, Asked Me To Post For Him.)

Image credits: MaximumCat

#36 Best Weather At The Ocean

Image credits: newjersey1988

#37 Looks Like It Comes Straight Out Of A Scifi

Image credits: Sciencenium

#38 Its That Time Of Year. Getting Pumped For The 2020 Season. This Shot Is From Mccook, Nebraska In May Of 2019. I Shot This With My Nikon D850

Image credits: TORNADOGREG

#39 The Sky Over Oxford On Sunday

Image credits: Smaczliwka

#40 Sky Is On Fire As The Storm Passes

Image credits: nyar5840

#41 A Storm In Metro Detroit. (Credit: U/Jcphotography_mi

Image credits: Lyr_c

#42 Tornado In Colorado Yesterday

Image credits: CrowRebirth

#43 Congratulations To This Tree That Definitely Just Got Superpowers

Image credits: averygillisart

#44 Tornado Captured West Of Akron, Colorado (Photo Credit To Nenah Demunster)

Image credits: HellsJuggernaut

#45 More From Sweden

Image credits: Badvibesforever6661

#46 Shelf Cloud Ahead Of Strong Thunderstorm Tonight In Wahoo, Ne. Photo Cr. Nebraska Storm Chasers

Image credits: Mikashuki

#47 Great Night

Image credits: das2325

#48 Amber Valley Through The Cloud This Morning. Derbyshire, UK

Image credits: WVA1999

#49 In The Spring Of 2015, Our Home In Austin Tx Was Flooded. The Sky In May Of That Year Was My First And So Far Last Time To See Mammatus Clouds In Person. Shot Taken From My Driveway. No Filters Or Enhancements To The Image

Image credits: zjunkmale

#50 Crazy Looking Storm A Few Days Ago In Sd

Image credits: Offical_Shnuckems

Source: boredpanda.com

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