Turns Out, UPS Drivers Have A Facebook Group About Dogs They Meet On Their Routes, And It Will Make Your Day (New Pics)

In 2013, UPS driver Sean McCarren created a Facebook group to pay tribute to the furry friends that make daily routes a looot happier. And it took off like a pup in the park after you unleash it. Now, UPS Dogs has over 1.4M likes on Facebook and 488K followers on Instagram. However, once you scroll through its feed, it’s easy to understand why the project has become so popular. There are alpacas, deer, geese, goats, sheep, chickens and even cats too! Drivers post pictures of the cute critters they’ve become acquainted with along their schedule, with some of them knowing their clients’ dogs for years. It’s that wholesome type of content the internet has been created for.

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Rudy is blind as a bat, but that doesn’t stop him from following the sound of my truck until I feed him! – Saint Joseph, Michigan

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Hey, we want a treat… Olympia, washington

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I stopped my truck and before i knew it, i had a helper. Sugarland, Texas

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Attack dog. Camp Pendleton, California. Louice

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Yeti likes when Dave comes to visit always gets a biscuit… Windsor, Pa

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8 corgis decided to greet my UPS husband looking for treats and attention. Keene, New Hampshire

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Our delivery guy meeting our newest member of the family today. Central Illinois.

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Here’s Bill, one of the dogs i see on my route everyday! Louisville, KY

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Yep! Something tells me I should not exit the package car! Just saying… Chesaw, Washington…

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Champ is a distemper survivor, he uses a special quad wheelchair. He wanted to meet the big brown beast, which he thinks is his own personal goodies truck! Champ is my foster boy who is looking for his forever home. He is available with Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue in Virginia

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Sometimes “ewe” don’t know who’s coming into your truck. This is Elsa. She’s a house dog. I dare you to tell her otherwise!!! Her human told me to see if she’d like puppy treats. She did! He was impressed. West Central Minnesota

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Steve in Wales, Wi with Mama Callie in the middle with baby’s Sikari on the left and Reggie on the right..

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Best employee goes to Mr. Bentley  Bozeman, Montana

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The deer dog Sparkles. Lake City FL

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This dog has had a few too many treats Central City, Nebraska

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To: Charlie, our friendly neighborhood UPS guy

From: Jade and Jasper, to share with all the doggos on your route

Jonesborough, TN

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awwww. Prospect, KY.

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When you see puppy.. you hold puppy, you cradle puppy, you love on puppy, you get puppy kisses, and last but not least you take picture with puppy! I love what I do. It is by far one of the most hardest and demanding jobs I’ve ever done. However it is also the best job I could ever ask for. As a ups driver I come across a lot of things. Crazy people crazy dogs.. and then I come across some really awesome people and really amazing dogs! But between me and you I’ll always prefer seeing a good ole puppy any day!  Louisville Kentucky

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Look into my eyes.

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….another heart breaker. Otis, Oregon

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She loves being carried by the UPS man and snuggled up. Louisville, Kentucky

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Deliver a package in a garage turn towards my truck, then I hear a meow from behind. Portland, TN

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Our UPS drive loves our Doberman pack..

Harpersferry, WV.

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One of the coolest looking dogs on my route!! Meet Loki

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Looks like a two treat kinda day. Tim Springer Orlando, Florida.

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My buddy Hank! Vero Beach FL

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There’s a new sheriff in town…and her name is Cupcake. Her job….is maintaining law and order at the Bells Up Winery on the mean streets of Newberg, Oregon. Like the rough-and-tumble saloons of the old Wild West, the Bells Up Winery attracts more than its fair share of wine tasting drifters, cattle rustlers, outlaws, gamblers, horse thieves and assorted ne’er-do-wells…all of whom require a firm hand to keep them in line. Its a big job indeed, and one that only Cupcake can handle. She is predatory perfection personified; a pint-sized Pomeranian powerhouse in pink pineapple pajamas. A full forty-four ounces of fearless, fiery, four-legged, flesh-eating fury. She combines the tenacity of a pit bull, the razor-sharp fangs of a rattlesnake, the bone-crushing jaws of a hyena, the speed of a gazelle and the shrill, deafening howl of an air raid siren into a potent and compact package that can be concealed in a coat pocket or handbag until such time as her awesome power is deployed against the miscreant who dares to misbehave in her establishment. When the forces of evil conspire to prey upon the law-abiding citizens of the Newberg frontier, you can sleep easy knowing that the mighty Cupcake will be there to stop them! co.

By Scott Hodges

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2 of the most beautiful dogs on my route. Cinco and Ivy. I have posted over 250 dogs on my Instagram account. I retire February 2020, I am going to miss my dog’s. 

Woodinville, Washington

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Meet Ralph. He’s a Bernese Mountain dog and he’s this huge at only 8 months old! Glastonbury, Connecticut

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Hello from Nuremberg, Germany

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One treat, that’s all I want…promise! Caledonia, Michigan

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Making new friends on my new route. 200lb English Mastiff.

Bowling Green, Kentucky

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Me and my buddy Kai ! Burlington, Wisconsin

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Ottawa Ontario Canada

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Big doggie, Katonah, NY

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“Any Bark Boxes up there?” – Jessie

Paducah, KY

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Smiling because it’s Friday! Goldsboro, NC

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Not a dog – but I was surprised to see this little guy at one of my stops…. Evansville, Indiana

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Awww new baby

Camas, Washington

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Hello from Burned, Texas 

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Clyde Hill Washington

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When the big brown biscuit buggy stops at our house, Zeus, Moose and King are always on their best behavior. Vinnie always delivers with a smile up at our farm, north of Minot, North Dakota

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When you dog has a thing for our favorite UPS driver.

He dosent want cookies he wants kisses 

Greenville, NH

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Another ruff day.. Tuxbury Pond Campground

South Hampton, NH

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Those four cruel, heartless and soul-crushing words swing down from upon high, a remorseless iron cudgel of harsh despair. They are a nightmare come true for this poor, famished dog who has patiently waited for days to receive a mere morsel of sustenance from her friend the UPS man. Where once the arrival of the brown truck heralded joyous tidings and a veritable free-flowing bounty of biscuits, the tap has now been completely shut off, without even a meager trickle of crumbs to ease the hunger pangs of this four-legged resident of Newberg, Oregon whose eyes show, in stark relief, the abject betrayal of all her hopes and dreams by the heartless UPS corporate bureaucracy that has issued forth this callous, barbaric and utterly inhuman new rule.

But all hope is not lost, for the sharp-eyed reader may have noticed an * next to these foul and unspeakable words. There exists a loophole, a back door as it were, offering a return to the land of plenty and the glory days of virtually unlimited biscuit dispensation. For while the mean-spirited corporate minions of UPS did indeed ban the handing out of biscuits, the rule only applies…

*from 12:00 to 12:01 AM on April Fool’s day*

By Scott Hodges in Newberg, Oregon

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Just another beautiful day.. Ft.Bridger, Wyoming!

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Prison time is hard time.

Prison is fences. Prison is gates. Prison is orange jumpsuits, bad food, and days spent marking time on the yard.

While I am a firm believer in law and order, I am also a sucker for a sob story. Which is why for some time I have made it a point to stop every day and ease the suffering of this poor, forlorn inmate by offering her a biscuit and listening to her plaintive howls and mournful cries of the hard life she endures on “the inside” as an innocent victim who took the rap for a crime she didn’t commit and is now paying the price for a justice system that is utterly broken.

Her sad tale of woe is enough to bring a tear to the eye of even the most heartless cynic. The thin, watery gruel that passes for her nourishment; the total lack of comfort or shelter from the rain and cold; and the endless boredom and monotony that she endures in a life completely devoid of any comfort, love or affection would make even the stingiest driver reach deep into the biscuit box in order to ease her suffering.

But, shockingly, not all is as it seems. To the sharp eyed and observant delivery man, there are some “discrepancies”in her account that have caused me to question the sincerity of her story.

We begin with the watery, inadequate gruel that she claims she must subsist on. If that is the case, then who is being fed the generous quantities of premium-quality dog food that her humans regularly order and that are being delivered on a weekly basis by none other than yours truly? And how has she been able to maintain her plump tummy and sleek, healthy fur on a diet lacking in essential nutrients?

We then turn to her claims of lack of shelter and exposure to the elements. Upon the covered porch she stays on during the day sits another suspicious item I that I delivered; a deluxe sized, fleece-lined dog pillow with a telltale power cord plugged into an outlet. Why is it plugged in? Who is it for? Could it be that -gasp- she has somehow neglected to mention the inconvenient truth that the cold, hard boards she claims to have to lie upon actually have an electrically heated dog bed sitting on top of them?

We then examine the issue of her humiliating orange prison attire, and her desolate life of boredom, loneliness and despair. I have a very clear memory of delivering an orange, down-filled, rain-proof dog jacket, as well as numerous chew toys, fetching sticks, and sleeves of tennis balls to her address. Who were they for? And to add even more suspicion, there was also that occasion when I happened to be working late and drove down her road at the exact moment that the humans she claims are so neglectful of her were home from work and playing tug-of-war in the yard with a brown Labrador that looked so much like her that it could have been her twin!

Once confronted with these facts, the sordid truth emerges; I have been dealing not with a convict, but with a con *artist* who has played upon my sympathies in order to extract generous amounts of biscuits from me with the all the skill of a concert violinist. There is a sucker born every minute all right…and that sucker is me!

By Scott Hodges in Newberg, Oregon

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Waiting for their cookies..

Carnation, Washington

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Coconut enjoys visits from the UPS man. Today, she put on her UPS shirt and cap to greet her friend. Cary, NC.

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Our UPS driver Kurt saved this little baby! He was huddled up against the curb & terrified. Way to go Kurt! Poquoson, Virginia

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We know all about the truck. 

Tumwater, Washington

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Rocky giving me his best smile for his treat. Boston MA.

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His name is Wooly, and he is a bully, and he and I had a serious disagreement.

Upon arriving at his home, he had the unmitigated gall to inform me that the “protection fee” for safe passage to the door while making the delivery would cost me four (4) biscuits.

I immediately dismissed his ridiculous attempt at extortion and informed him that I would not be intimidated by threats but that, in the interest of harmony and good neighborly relations, I would be more than happy to offer him one (1) biscuit and one biscuit only.

Unimpressed by my generosity, he repeated his ludicrous demand. Unwilling to be pushed around, I repeated my counter-offer. We were at loggerheads. The negotiations continued, with neither of us willing to budge or show weakness. In this Duel of the Determined and Dauntless Deliveryman Versus the Devious and Demanding Doggo, who would be the first to blink?

I am proud to say that I held firm to my principles, and with my integrity intact and head held high I agreed to compromise and meet him halfway by giving him five (5) biscuits. That is the last time he will ever push ME around!

By Scott Hodges in Newberg, Oregon.

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cacophony of canine con artists who cry out and carry on at the complete and comprehensive injustice of biscuit denial.

This fraudelent, phony, four-legged

feigner of famine is a perfect example of this flagrant phenomenon.

To hear her siren song of starvation, one would assume that it had been days or even weeks since her last feeding.

But her rotund girth and fluffy figure conspire to betray the duplicitous deceptions of this deceitful doggo. I am not buying what she is selling, and I am standing firm on my principles. Her demand for 15 biscuits is utterly ridiculous. I will not cave in to it. Its 9:00 in the morning, I know that she ate less than an hour ago, so in the interests of fairness and not rewarding her blatant manipulations, I will hold firm and limit her to a mere 8 biscuits. Because I *know* how to draw the line!

By Scott Hodges.

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We’ll wait…

Spring City, Pa.

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Caught by surprise on the mean streets of Newberg, my worst nightmare had come true: a vicious attack by a creature against which I had no defense.

Immune to the temptation of even my tastiest dog biscuits and utterly impervious to the spine-tingling effects of the most effective weapon in my arsenal…the Scratchie Claw…this remorseless ruminant had silently snuck up behind me and backed me into a corner from which I could not escape.

I was in a baaa-aaad position, in danger of taking a serious bleating at the hands of this beast, and I knew it. With retreat impossible and appeasement futile, I was left with only the option of last resort; hand-to-hand combat.

My training and reflexes kicked in. I was instinctively aware that my first priority had to be to keep its fangs away from my throat. As it lunged for my face, I parried its strike with a forearm and was able to wrap both arms around it. A chop to the midsection stunned it long enough for me to gain the upper hand in the struggle and finally make my escape to the safety of the truck. This experience, although traumatic, taught me an important lesson; ewe must always be prepared to defend yourself at a moments notice!

By Scott Hodges in Newberg, Oregon.

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One of my smiling girls waiting for her treat! Huntington, Indiana

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The White-Goggled Pibble.

Long thought to be an object of myth and legend…dismissed by many as a mere hoax…this mysterious creature has been rumored by generations of superstitious locals to roam the lonely highways of Newberg, Oregon in the dark of night.

For thirty years I have plied my trade on these desolate back roads…always watching and always waiting…in the hopes that I might one day be fortunate enough catch a glimpse of this strange and elusive animal.

My long wait…has finally ended.

It was an ordinary winters evening, like countless others I have worked. I was in the package compartment of the truck looking for my next delivery when outside I heard the familiar pitter-patter of paws on pavement that heralded the arrival of what I assumed would be yet another in the long line of four-legged biscuit moochers to have graced my presence.

Great was my surprise then when I emerged from the back to be confronted…not with a run-of-the-mill Labrador or ordinary golden retriever…but with this goggled, ghostly apparition emerging from the darkness. I was awestruck. The fables and whispered stories were true! The White-Goggled Pibble actually existed!

Moving quickly lest he slip away, I tossed him a biscuit while grabbing my cell phone and capturing this image in one fluid motion, determined to silence the cynics who would otherwise discount my story as a tall tale. My years of patience (as well as the bribe of an additional 2 biscuits to get him to hold still for the picture) have finally yielded indisputable proof to the whole world…. that the Legend Of The White Goggled Pibble is true!

By Scott Hodges in Newberg, Oregon.

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Baby Rot… Wasilla Alaska.

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Willkommen, herr UPS driver!

Sprechen sie Milk Bone?

I may not be fluent in German, but the demand for tribute being made by this Teutonic duo requires absolutely no translation.

These Bavarian biscuit bandits are speaking the universal language of mooching, and I am hearing it loud and clear.

With typical Prussian efficiency they march in unison, using their speed to encircle the truck, leaving no possible exit uncovered, and leaving me with no option other than to cede to their ruthless demands.

I could, of course, attempt to use the services of a translator in order to negotiate a more favorable settlement. But German speakers are few and far between on the mean streets of Newberg, Oregon. And their willingness to accept a bribe of my readily available biscuits…rather than demanding harder-to-obtain kielbasa or strudel or sauerkraut…makes my choice an easy one to make.

Auf Weidersehen!

By Scott Hodges in Newberg, Oregon

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Our favourite UPS friend and baby Hank our Great Dane pup! from Canada.

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Charlie waiting for his good boy treat on my truck in Buffalo,NY

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A form of mutually beneficial cooperation by two dissimilar species in nature.

No better example of this phenomenon can be found then the one exhibited here by the Blepping Labrapotamus (Canis Moochus Gianormous) and the Yipping Hippie Mouse (Canis Yappus Underfootus) who utilize skillfully choreographed teamwork for the purpose of extracting far more biscuits together than either one could possibly obtain alone.

To understand their technique we must first understand the strengths and weaknesses of each species. The Blepping Labrapotamus has great speed and size, which she uses to pursue my truck and completely block my exit with her massive derriere until such time as the requisite biscuit toll has been paid. But she sleeps approximately 23 hours a day, and her snoring and flatulence will often drown out the noise of my approaching truck, thus allowing me to make a clean getaway.

This is where the Yipping Hippie Mouse comes in. Although lacking in speed and size, she never sleeps and remains on constant, watchful alert. Her radar-like ears can detect my approach from over two miles away, allowing her to awaken the Blepping Labrapotamus with her shrill, piercing bark. Her long, flowing hair and her talent of dancing on two hind legs enhance her cuteness factor to the point of irresistibility, triggering an automatic biscuit dispensation reflex on my part. And her inability to carry or chew an entire biscuit in her tiny mouth does not hamper her in the least; she simply scurries about and catches the veritable avalanche of crumbs that fall freely from the Blepping Labrapotamus’s massive mouth in much the same way as a remora attaches itself to the underside of shark in order to subsist upon the scraps of meat debris.

Faced with such well-rehearsed teamwork by this devious duo of doggo desperadoes, I am powerless to resist and left with no option but to cede to their relentless demands!

By Scott Hodges in Newberg, Oregon

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Not sure what kind of dog this is… Knoxville, Tennessee

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Dad came home after a long day of deliveries and picked up his son for some love. Son was not amused. Northern N.Y.

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I work at a vet clinic and our UPS driver is always a sucker for all the dogs! Miss Lacy found the treats that were in his pocket! Syracuse, NY

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A new favorite on the route – puppy Rolf really working it to get those treats he knows he deserves from Aaron in Chantilly, VA

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Everyone meet Ruben aka Roo ! He is the sweetest boy ever , he’s a 2 year old pit/boxer mix from lebanon, Ohio

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It makes a new pups day when her Daddy gets a delivery on her street! Mid day pup lovins in Brownwood, Texas

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The corgis could not believe the new UPS driver did not immediately have their treats. Thankfully he found them.

Lafayette, Indiana

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Augie the Doggie is a biscuit hoggie

Who jumps up in my truck like a big huge froggy

At the Milk Bone box he casts his gaze;

And complains he’s not been fed for days.

While I nod my head at his tale of woe,

I know full well that it just ain’t so.

Though his human loves and feeds him well,

All my biscuits have made his tummy swell.

The vet has warned that he must lose weight,

So fewer treats are now his fate.

He barks and whines and pleads his case

While looking right into my face,

He gazes deep into my eyes,

And subtly tries to hypnotize

Me into giving “just one more”

But I resist; I know the score.

Although he begs, I must say no,

He weighs too much; it must be so.

I must be strong; I cant give in,

Must do my part to get him thin.

His portion sizes must decrease,

The Triple Biscuit Days must cease.

No more are we buddies; I’m now just a bum

Who stingily rations his one meager crumb.

Someday I hope he will forgive,

For the healthy life I help him live!

Image credits: upsdogs


Our next door neighbors are scared to death of our dogs, but the UPS man isn’t… Waxhaw,NC.

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When your personal UPS man is trying to leave you to go pet other dogs on his route.

Drastic times call for drastic measures. Starke, Florida

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My husband, Zachary, delivers in Goliad, Texas and sent me a photo yesterday of a bunch of turkeys that ran up to his truck. I told him I’ve seen just about every kind of animal on UPS Dogs, but never turkeys! I had to share!

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Leroy never let’s the UPS guy get away without his treat. Monticello, Indiana

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I think our UPS driver found his “peak helper”for this upcoming holiday season. San Francisco, California

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My new friend in 7 Mile, Ohio

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Our UPS driver was not quite sure what to think about our ‘pet’…but he went right along with it  Texas

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Walkertown, NC

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Moooooove over dude. Elkin, NC

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With fear and trepidation, I shut off the engine and survey the scene.

Danger could be hiding anywhere on this desolate stretch of route outside of Newberg, Oregon. My heart pounds as I survey the path before me, package in hand. The route I must traverse between my door and the customer’s porch is fraught with hiding places, offering multiple locations for carnivorous, cunning, cookie-craving canine concealment. One misstep on my part could result in my flesh being rent by the fangs of a fiendish, furious, four-legged fur missile.

Steeling my resolve, my heart races as I step forth from the safety of truck to begin my perilous journey. At first, all goes well. Making my way carefully to at the front door, I leave the package.So far, so good. Hope rises within me as I turn and scan my return path. I may emerge from this unscathed after all. But then a board creaks beneath my feet, betraying my presence. And all hell breaks loose….in the form of Cocoa the Cookie Monster!

Unbeknownst to me, she has been lurking in concealment beneath a bush, patiently biding her time and waiting to pounce until I am at the furthest point from the refuge of my UPS truck.

Knowing full well that I lack both the speed to evade her and the strength to prevail in hand-to-hand combat, I am left with only one option; to admit defeat and pepper the walkway with an entire pocket full of biscuits in order to distract her long enough to make my escape!

By Scott Hodges

Image credits: upsdogs


I’ve had a lot of different critters begging at my door but Elsa definitely is one of the sweetest. Cosmos, Minnesota

Image credits: upsdogs


Meet my buddy Barley, He lives in Union Mills NC. He greets me at the top of the hill everytime! He has to have at least 5 treats

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This “dog” jumped in my truck before it even stopped. I had a hard time convincing him he couldn’t go with me. Mill Creek, WV.

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Blunt, direct, and to the point.

I find the honesty of dogs to be quite refreshing. Clear and unambiguous communication about one’s expectations regarding biscuit dispensation…as displayed here….is the best way to prevent misunderstandings. Why waste time on hints and subterfuge when you can just get right to the point?

A rule I choose to live by as a UPS driver is that when I am getting the death stare from a pit bull who is leaking massive amounts of slobber all over my floor, it is usually *not* in my best interests to prevaricate, negotiate, or try and skimp in any way on the biscuit allotment. I keep full boxes of biscuits as well as extra rolls of paper towels in my truck for a reason, and I am more than willing to be generous with both.

I am pleased to report that observing this simple guideline resulted in a satisfied customer, a happy pit bull, and a safe return to the truck for yours truly!

By Scott Hodges in Newberg, Oregon.

Image credits: upsdogs


Substitute driver didn’t have a biscuit. She wasn’t moving til she got one. Grass Valley, California

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As I turned back to my package car after dropping off a delivery, I found myself face to face with what appeared to be a polar bear! Now, having grown up in the deep South, 40 degree winters can seem downright arctic to me, but it you’d think it’s still a bit too warm for a majestic creature used to swimming in frigid waters of the North Pole!

Having neglected to stock up on any seal or walrus blubber, I fearfully realized that in my brown uniform, I might easily be mistaken for the primary prey of a hungry polar bear, lost and overheated by the relatively mild winters of NC. Suddenly, I regretted all of those late night Domino’s pizzas that I am so fond of consuming. I sucked in my gut, like I was strolling past a group of cute, bikini-clad ladies on the beach of my hometown, and prayed that the meager dog biscuits I had would satisfy the ravenous beast! Thankfully, he seemed very pleased with my offerings and allowed me to pass in peace, back to the safety of my truck! Dizzy from holding my gut in for so long, I climbed into the cab and let out a relieved “whoosh” of air.

As I drove away, I could have sworn I saw a smile on his face and a wagging backside in my mirror, but it was likely just a hallucination brought on by my near death experience.

Image credits: upsdogs


Our 3-month old Leonberger, Ollie, with his brothers, Deckland (English Cream Golden Retriever) and Klaus (Rottweiler,) with the UPS driver. Larkspur, CO

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We know you have treats.

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Our UPS driver, Julio, who delivers in Red Lion, Pennsylvania, was a bit surprised by the size of our Irish Wolfhound, Finnegan. Even when Finn is sitting down.

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This is Giselle. Claims that the supermodel was named after HER! I deliver to her house 2-3 times a week, and I’m fairly certain that it’s all packages of high end, European hair care products.

Her agent made me sign a legally binding contract that promised I would not sell the pictures to any tabloids, but only use them for the UPS Dogs page. I was also only allowed to take a photo of her working out. No photos of her eating biscuits. When I questioned whether biscuits were allowed as part of her strict, modeling diet, Giselle assured me that today was her “cheat day”. Oddly enough, every time I deliver a package, it appears to coincide with said “cheat day”! And some days she manages to coax 2 biscuits out of me.

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When you pull up to your stop and their newest “Dogs” jump in to investigate your truck. Payette, Idaho

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Customers 11 week old boxer pup, Vera Lynn. Grapevine, TX.

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“You’re not going anywhere, til I get all the treats” Ft. Collins, CO

Image credits: upsdogs


Huxley with our UPS guy. Port Washington, WI!

Image credits: upsdogs


I’m not going to lie Monday’s suck but they suck a lot less when your customers are this happy to see you!

Image credits: upsdogs


Lake Park Minnesota.

Image credits: upsdogs

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