TV Broadcast Switches to Color

WMT-TV (now KGAN-TV) Channel 2 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, went from broadcasting in black-and-white to color with some ceremony during their local news broadcast on April 14, 1967. I don’t know if other stations did that with quite so much aplomb, but news anchor Bob Bruner managed to keep his cool. You must imagine thousands of people at home watching this who wondered what they were talking about because their TVs couldn’t receive color signals, and a few dozen homes where the viewers were amazed.  

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When I was a child, it never occurred to me that the TV signal went out from the station in black-and-white or color. I just knew that our TV only worked in black-and-white, while my grandparents’ TV was in color, as well as that of some of my wealthier friends. But switching to color transmission was a big deal for broadcasters. -via Laughing Squid

Source: neatorama

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