Twitter Users Are Sharing The Most Creative But Bizarre Names They Gave Their Cats, And Here Are 40 Of The Best Ones

Many people, if not all, consider their pets to be an equal part of their family, and so getting yourself a furry friend is a massive responsibility. 

Before contacting a breeder or heading to a nearby shelter, you should think the decision through and digest whether you truly are capable of giving a pet the care and attention it needs. 

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Once the wait is over and you are ready to give your new companion a home, it’s then time to choose the purrfect name. 

This netizen turned to Twitter to point out a very amusing observation concerning pet names. The man claims that dog owners usually go for something relatively ordinary like “Buddy”, whereas cat owners are known for their imaginative, perhaps slightly wild ideas such as “Cool Ranch Dorito.” The now-viral tweet has gotten over 488K likes and 37.6K retweets in just a few days and has inspired folks to share tons of unorthodox cat names in response.

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Being a pet parent is hands down one of the most joyful parts of our existence.

Maybe you’ve finally convinced your strict dad to let you get a furry companion that you’ll share all of your future adventures with, or perhaps you’ve decided that your life is somewhat stable and you feel independent enough to start taking care of something – whatever your reasoning for getting a pet might be, it’s a step that is both rewarding and incredibly challenging.

It’s important to remember that you’re expanding your little family and taking on another living being under your roof, so the decision has to be carefully considered. Once you’ve settled on having a pet, your lifestyle will take a completely different turn; your days will be full of unconditional love, but you’ll also be dealing with new day-to-day responsibilities.


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Most will agree that having a pet, whether it’s a cat, a dog, or anything in between, will change your life for the better. 

First and foremost, the furry (or feathered) ones are always there to keep you company. Whatever rough patch you might be facing, your beloved pet child is there to support you and keep you grounded. 

Do you miss your family? They’ll have no problem easing your loneliness. Maybe you’ve been feeling isolated lately? They’ll cure that as well. The moral of the story is that owning a tiny friend will fill your life with endless bliss, as there’s nothing that compares to the joy of knowing that you have a loyal companion waiting for you back at home.


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Good news! Bored Panda has managed to contact the author of the now-viral post, and we asked the man to tell us a little bit about himself: “I’m Adam, I’m a resident (doctor) from outside Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve been on Twitter for a few years trying to make people laugh.”

We wondered whether Adam has any pets with unusual names, and as it turns out, the guy is a proud dog dad to an adorable goldendoodle called Harper, who’s just a little over a year and a half old.

He says that her name was something that he and his family loved, which people never like to hear, as “they always want an inspired name.”


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BP also asked Adam to give us an example of the most unorthodox pet names he’s ever heard of, to which he replied “Depression”, “Trashcan” and “Little Booty Ham Sandwich.” Adam then mentioned that his future pet’s name would probably be “Pal,” which is inspired by Arthur’s dog, a well-known character from an animated educational television series for children.

It’s fascinating to know that there are tons of folks who refuse to give their furry children human-like names, meaning that every one of those holds a certain history. Perhaps, it’s an inside joke that the owner has with their friends, or maybe it’s related to some type of life-changing event – whatever the inspiration, having a little “Trashcan” lying on your bed sounds amazing.


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Future parents take months to choose the perfect name for their unborn children; some have had a name in mind since they were teens, simply because they felt connected to them; others might’ve gone for a name that belongs to a historical/famous figure in the hopes of manifesting a similarly influential life for their offspring.

Well, pet owners are no exception. For many, choosing something mundane like “Max” is just plain boring. So, kudos to those who decided to unleash their creativity and name their furry companion something along the lines of “Dog The Cat.”


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Coming up with a name for your furry family member is an exciting and pretty important part of the bonding process. Just think about it, there’ll only ever be one of them – so why not choose a name that perfectly fits their personality, even if that said fit turns out to be “Little Booty Ham Sandwich?”

Bored Panda hopes that you’ve enjoyed this wild collection of cat names! Let us know if you’ve got a favorite one!


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