Two Different Types of Wireless Earbuds in One Charging Case

Loosely speaking, there are two types of earbuds: The kind that hang out in your ears, and the kind that plug your ears. I’ve found the first type is more comfortable for long wearing sessions, but the second is indispensable for true noise canceling or thumping bass. Most manufacturers force you to choose between one or the other, but Chinese manufacturer Mchose (a company I could not find a link for) is offering both in one package.

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The company’s BH288 TWS product consists of two pairs of earbuds, one pair of each type, that come in a single charging case. But instead of featuring a hinged lid, the case consists of two halves held together by magnets.

The split case design means it might be awkward to use; picture splitting it open with two hands, and holding the halves in each hand while using the fingers of one hand to pluck the desired earbuds out of the other.

The concept is interesting, but I wonder how good the sound quality can possibly be—these retail for the suspiciously low price of $45.24.

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