Two Price Changes: Chore Coats and ‘Mechanic’s Companion’

We’ve reduced the price on two products in the store. Here’s the story.

We’ve permanently lowered the price of “Mechanic’s Companion” to $23 (it was $26). We are reprinting this title this week and can lower the price because the manufacturing cost went down (we placed a large print order). 

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We consider this book a foundational text for hand-tool woodworking. Peter Nicholson was a cabinetmaker as well as a writer. So this text is clear and shop-based. I still pick up important details every time I read it, much like Charles Hayward’s books.

This book is made in the USA and is designed to outlast you. Unlike several “print on demand” (POD) versions out there, this book is printed on offset equipment. The signatures are sewn and reinforced with fiber tape. The pages will not fall out after a few readings. 

Don’t get me wrong, POD is great for some applications (“Alf” fan fiction, for example). But not for a foundational book.

Chore Coats

We have lowered the price of chore coats to $135 to close them out for the season. The regular price was $165. We have to change fabrics for our next run, so we need to move out the current versions to avoid confusion. There is nothing wrong with the fabric or the chore coats. We just have to change suppliers and so we need to close these out. 

— Christopher Schwarz


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