“Typornography” is a typo collection about human body

“Typornography” is a typo collection about human body.

Viktor Hertz choses 50 fonts and made anatomical illustrations of women and men body, only using text characters. One year after his funny project Honest Logos, the Upsala-based designer comes back with an original personal project.

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“I call this silly personal project Typornography, where I wanted to explore if text characters alone could evoke some kind of emotion, and how different all the typefaces would look as (female) butts, vulvas and bodies. I didn’t even know from the start that the fonts would achieve such varied personalities. Even Comic Sans looks nice in the shape of a butt, so I guess that’s interesting in a way.”Viktor Hertz

In 2009, he started to do graphic design as a hobby, and has been freelancing since 2010. His work is usually inspired by pop-culture, satire and humor, often using visual metaphors and focusing on strong ideas. Viktor has been featured in numerous worldwide exhibitions, magazines and books, and has also had his own work exhibited. In 2014, he started to write and direct short films, and is currently combining commission work with personal projects.

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