Ukurant Puts Young Danish Designers Front + Center

Ukurant Puts Young Danish Designers Front + Center

Denmark’s annual 3 Days of Design event occurred earlier this month, with one of the creative exhibits – Ukurant – presenting works by select young Danish designers in Ukurant Objects. The overall focus was on how a new generation challenges traditions through experimenting with materials and technologies and revising aesthetics and commercial design. Furniture, textiles, ceramics, lighting and more put their fresh perspectives front and center. Each piece challenges the idea of sculptural objects versus functional.

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Alexander Kirkeby

Ukurant itself is a curated platform showcasing experimental design objects created by 24 talented young designers. Put together by Josefine Krabbe Munck, Kamma Rosa Schytte, Kasper Kyster and Lærke Ryom, the foursome founded Ukurant as a professional community for graduates to share experiences, networks, project ideas and collaborations.

Ukurant’s Founders

Anders Olof Nyberg

The designers on display in Ukurant Objects include Alexander Kirkeby, Anders Olof Nyberg, Anna Søgaard, Bjarke Ballisager, Bonnie Hvillum, Christian & Jade, Davide Ronco, Esben Kaldahl, Felicia Arvid, Ida Elke, Kamma Rosa Schytte, Kasper Kyster, Lærke Ryom, Margarida L. Pereira, OTTOTTO, Sia Hurtigkarl Degel, Pia Angela Rasmussen, Simone Øster, Josefine Krabbe Munck, Sisse Holst Pedersen, Therese Hald Boesen and Tronhjem Rømer.

Anders Olof- Nyberg + Anna Sogaard

Bjarke Ballisager

Bonnie Hvillum

Christian + Jade

Davide Ronco

Esben Kaldahl

Felicia Arvid

Ida Elke

Josefine Krabbe Munck + Simone Oster

Kamma Rosa Schytte

Kasper Kyster

Laerke Ryom

Margarida Lopez Pereria

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Otto Engelhart

Pia Angela Rasmussen + Sia Hurtigkarl Degel

Sisse Holst Pedersen

Therese Hald Boesen

Tronhjem Romer

Photography by Peter William Vinther.

Source: design-milk

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