Uncombable Hair Syndrome

A lot of people have curly hair that’s hard to comb, but this is something else altogether. Shilah Madison Calvert-Yin has “uncombable hair syndrome,” which is a real condition. Each shaft of her hair is triangular instead of round. It’s caused by a gene mutation, and is very rare. Only about 100 people in the world have the syndrome. But Shilah’s family has embraced her awesome hair.

“Shilah loves her unique hair, but that has come from constant positive reinforcement at home from friends and family,” her mom Celeste Calvert-Yin, who lives in Melbourne Australia, told TODAY via email.

“As a little, little girl she often told us she was like a unicorn as they are very special and unique just like her. It brought a tear to our eye.”  

People often say she has hair like Doc Brown from back to the future, lucky it’s one of our fave movies #uncombablehairsyndrome

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