(Un)employment in the Age of Gen Z and Robots

In a highly competitive environment where technology is constantly developing, how will the automated industry impact job prospects for young people preparing to enter the job market? As we immerse ourselves more fully in the information age, it’s important to understand how we can cope with the diverse challenges that it brings. 

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Born after 1996 on the heels of the millennials, Gen Z is just entering the workforce. Its members are the first true digital natives, and their ability to adapt to an automating workplace will likely determine their success.

In particular, the “human touch” remains an essential and invaluable element in the tech industry. Being able to relate on a deeper level to your target audience and knowing how to creatively and effectively get your ideas across are just some key traits that can help you compete with automatons who lack such complex capabilities. Combining these with “hard skills” involving technical know-how, such a diverse skill set can be one solid way to impress employers.  

Find out what other soft skills Gen Z members need to succeed on Reuters. 

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