Unexpected guilty pleasures of most powerful people in the world shown in satirical food project

It is safe to say that Dan Bannino has a mild obsession with satire and food. If you don’t already know, we’ll remind you of how he once did a still photography of the diets of big names in Hollywood that we’re pretty sure are supposed to be hush-hush. (We still don’t know if it’s accurate, but we think it’s pretty close.)

This time, however, he tackles the weird and unexpected food choices of world leaders in his new satirical series called “A Mash Up of Politics, Art and Photography.” He picks out some of the world’s most powerful names and creates a color-popping arrangement of the particular foods they pig out on. Sounds pretty harmless, but most of the food choices are too ridiculous to take seriously.

Guess what Donald Trump, Pope Francis, and Vladimir Putin binge out on the pictures below.


Source: designfaves.com

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