Unfortunate Quarantine Haircuts (30 New Pics)

As hair salons and barbershops are still closed in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, people are taking matters into their own hands. Lucky for us, they are sharing the results of their haircuts on social media, proving just once again that hairdressers exist for a reason.

From poorly done fades to bald patches on the back of the head, these quarantine haircut fails are all kinds of hilarious. So scroll down below to see some unfortunate lockdown haircuts and vote for the ones that made you laugh (or relate)!

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#1 Clippers Just Died

Image credits: ben_rosen

#2 I Let My 5-Year-Old Give Me A Haircut

Image credits: medicalsocialw1

#3 Quarantine Cut

Image credits: quarantinecuts_

#4 What Should My Street Fighter Villain Name Be?

Image credits: eyezenstat

#5 Quarantine Fade

Image credits: badgirIkiki

#6 Mother’s Attempt At A Fade

Image credits: bmockbee

#7 Homemade Haircut. Extra Crispy.

Image credits: hashtagharkins

#8 You Aren’t Allowed To Moan About Hairdressers Ever Again

Image credits: robkey612

#9 First Attempt At A Corona-Cut Literally Ended Up Like This Once I’d Dried It. Think I Might Have Missed Some Bits!

Image credits: HollyAPetersen

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#10 Nailed It!

Image credits: uk8rings

#11 Coronacut Turned Out Nicely

Image credits: altbrot

#12 Lesson Learned

Image credits: purpledeersky

#13 Corona Can’t Get Me Down!

Image credits: kristophlloyd

#14 Well Done Wife, Another String To Your Bow

“I’m reluctant to call what my wife did to me a haircut. But here it is. Well done wife, another string to your bow.”

Image credits: pimack

#15 So Far, So Bad

Image credits: JenBrister

#16 Little Uneven But I Ain’t Straight Anyways

Image credits: CrazyTr0ll_

#17 Lockdown Fade

Image credits: djmauricioparra

#18 Bad Peaky Blinder

Image credits: shackleton_east

#19 Can’t Trust Everyone With A Trimmer

Image credits: AILJabri1

#20 Hat Hair

Image credits: thatntac

#21 My Brother Wanted His Haircut During Quarantine, I’d Say He’s Looking Too Fresh

Image credits: jackdunny_twenty2

#22 You Can’t Do Worse Than Us!

Image credits: betty_trevi

#23 Oops!

Image credits: lisa.m.zeigler

#24 Don’t Try This At Home

Image credits: SFeitell

#25 Housemate’s Coronacut

Image credits: WestEndFi

#26 I’m Sorry. I’ve Tried

Image credits: ImGeraldMan

#27 I’m Sorry Honey

Image credits: lauralaser

#28 Lesson Learnt… Never Let Your Mrs Cut Your Hair Again ??? This Is The Last Time I Go To The Quarantine Cuts Barbers

Image credits: gingertraining

#29 I’ll Fix It Later

Image credits: KrishGrey

#30 I Miss My Barber

Image credits: richrubii

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