Unlimited-Length Sticky Notes

In my opinion, part of the genius of 3M’s Post-Its are their limitations: With just 3″-square of real estate, you can only jot down so much on one sheet, forcing you to be concise.

However, Japanese stationery company Yamato sees a market for determine-your-own-length sticky notes. They produce this Memoc Sticky Notes Tape Roll, which allows you to tear off exactly the length you need; a 5mm grid or 7mm-spaced lines printed on the paper give you something to aim for, if you’re too anal to eyeball it.

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The configuration means the entire roll is coated with adhesive, not just a little strip at the top; but the company says “It is just as easy to stick, remove, and reposition as an ordinary sticky note.”

I do wonder what 3M’s lawyers make of this.

Source: core77

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