Unusual Design Features in This Mysterious Suitcase

This suitcase design is of unknown origin, and is listed for sale on the kinds of dicey websites that scream “bait & switch.” But it does have some unusual design features worth looking at.

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The first feature we’ve seen variants of before, but I’ll include it anyway: There’s frontal quick access and the device-charging capacity that’s becoming de rigueur these days.

The second is a bit silly, but I can’t deny I’d use it: There’s a built-in cupholder.

The third is a truly smart feature: The handle itself contains flip-out hooks, handy for hanging those Duty Free bags or the food bag you picked up to bring onto the plane.

The fourth is also something a lot of people would probably use: The handle doubles as a phone stand.

Further fueling suspicion that this object will not be what arrives when you order it, is that prices on aforementioned dicey websites run from $130 to $500.

Source: core77

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