Unusual Furniture Design: A Stool Created to Store Valuables

This highly unusual Kabine 101 piece of furniture was designed by Kabine, a South Korean storage furniture manufacturer. With this as the inspiration…

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…the designers created this steel drawer box with an aluminum die-cast grille:

The idea is that you fill it with a leather insert…

…and use it to store valuables.

I think perhaps it was intended to be a standalone object, placed atop one of the company’s storage cabinets.

But then they got the idea that it would actually be the seat for a stool.

It opens by pressing against the front, which then pops open.

I think the base needs a little more consideration, in order to match the style.

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Otherwise, I’m not quite sure what to make of this object. The idea of storing valuables in something you sit on seems kind of discordant, but I am interested in the weird thinking, and want to see how this product–which is apparently in production–might evolve.

Source: core77

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