Unusual Furniture Design: The Haku Freestanding Storage Piece

This intriguingly odd piece of storage furniture is called Haku. It’s by Luxembourgish industrial designer Christophe de la Fontaine, who previously headed up Patricia Urquiola’s design studio and is now an ID professor at Germany’s State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart.

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“Haku is a severe yet articulate set of wooden cabinets, from wall-mounted to freestanding or even equipped with a mirror. Breaking the ever-present orthogonality typically found throughout ordinary box furniture, Haku explores the principle of axial repetition, taking advantage of its spatial perception while favouring the act of a non linear interaction.”

I’d like to see a lighter-colored version, to see if it would make the form read as lighter within a living space, though perhaps that’s not de la Fontaine’s intent.

De la fontaine also co-founded product brand DANTE – Goods And Bads with artist Aylin Langreuter. You can check out their stuff here.

Source: core77

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