Unusual Take on the Camper Truck: The Unfolding Flip90

This Flip90 Pickup, from German manufacturer ICC Offroad, is a bed-replacing camping unit that unfurls 90 degrees to extend its interior space:

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This provides a sort of foyer tall enough to stand up in, and into which you can pull out the telescoping kitchenette unit.

The space over the truck’s chassis becomes the sleeping surface.

The manufacturer says the unfurled portion of the unit also contains a shower and toilet, but the fact that they do not show photos of these speaks volumes.

For those not willing to sacrifice their truck’s bed, or if you prefer a 2-bedroom set-up, they also sell a trailer version:

The truck-bound Flip90 goes for € 29,990 (USD $34,930), and the trailer runs €22,900 (USD $26,674). Prices, obviously, do not include the truck.

Source: core77

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