Unusual Vintage Furniture Designs: What was This Funky Bi-Level Desk Used For?

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Currently for sale at antiques dealer 1st Dibs is this funky, bi-level desktop, built circa 1910 by the Hamilton Manufacturing Company.

This is no luxury piece; you can see that the lower worksurface is composed of narrow boards, edge-laminated together. The choice of oak indicates durability is desired.

There is a higher secondary surface, tilted at a 45-degree angle. And we can see that the rear contains a third tilted surface. The gentle arcs on the side supports (as opposed to a corner-to-corner straight line) indicate this third surface is meant to be accessed.

So what’s this thing for?

Typesetting equipment can be stored on the rear shelf…

…and brought around to the front lower shelf, as needed.

The uppermost shelf is used for the typesetter to compose their work.

Yours for just $4,500. And if that sounds steep, consider that what appears to be the same exact piece (at least, using the same exact photos) recently sold for $8,500 on 1st Dibs competitor Modern50.

Source: core77

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