Update: ‘Make a Chair from a Tree’ & Bandanas

Good news. The printer has finished work on “Make a Chair from a Tree” by Jennie Alexander, and the book is en route to our Indianapolis warehouse.

We hope to begin selling and shipping the book to customers next week. The book is in full color, 184 pages, hardbound and printed in the United States. It will be $37 plus shipping. Once the book arrives, we will also begin fulfilling orders from our retailers – but we have no idea when this book will make it to the retailers’ shelves, I’m afraid.

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The completion of this book closes a long and tiring chapter for a lot of people who helped Jennie revise her book (I think every single sentence is new). And an equally large team that worked together to get this book published after Jennie’s death.

Bandana & Pencil News

This week, we had to cut off sales of our “Nothing Without Labour” bandana because we ran short of pencils that are bundled with the bandana. We hope our pencils will be back in stock next week. If that happens, we will be able to sell the remaining 70 bandanas and 350 pencils. 

If you really want one of these bandanas, then keep an eye out on the blog. I’ll post an update as soon as I know anything.

— Christopher Schwarz

Source: lostartpress.com

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