Update: Pilot Survives Two Disasters in One Day

Remember the passenger who had to land a plane because the pilot passed out? We know more about the incident now. The passenger who stepped up was 39-year-old Darren Harrison, who was returning from a fishing trip in the Bahamas. You can see a video interview with Harrison here. At the same link, we learn that the pilot, yet unnamed, had suffered an aortic dissection, a catastrophic cardiac event that you may recall killed John Ritter. After the plane landed, the pilot was rushed to a hospital where he underwent surgery by Dr. Nishant Patel, who explained the odds of surviving an aortic dissection.

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“Fifty percent of patients won’t make it to the hospital, and then 50% of patients that do make it to the hospital will pass away within 24 hours without prompt diagnosis and treatment,” Patel said on TODAY Tuesday.  

The pilot could have easily died from the dissection or from a plane crash, but he went home from the hospital on Monday. -via Fark

(Image credit: Fvasconcellos. Image:AoDissekt_scheme_StanfordB.png by JHeuser)

Source: neatorama

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