Updated Design for a Nixie Tube Watch Kills It on Kickstarter

“Take a look at this box,” writes Ukraine-based design/manufacturing firm Handcrafted Workshop.

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“This box has not been opened for 25 years. These are untouched IN-16 lamps, which were stored in a closed military warehouse. It is a complete success to find several boxes of these lamps in 2021. There are not many Nixie lamps left in the world, perhaps one of the last boxes.”

Five years ago HW caused a stir by making the Nixoid, a Nixie tube watch:

Now that they’ve found a new stash of tubes, they say, they’re back with a redesign. Here’s their Nixoid Next:

It’s got an accelerometer, making it gesture-operated:

It’s also got a magnetic charger and what they claim is 10 days of battery life (25-30 days if you turn the accelerometer off):

Cool aesthetics aside, I wouldn’t have guessed that many people would want to wear a bulky-watch with only two digits (I’m assuming it indicates minutes only), and I was wrong.

The watches start at $349, and they were seeking $10,000 in funding. At press time they had almost $200,000, and with 34 days left to pledge the numbers will only climb.

How many tubes are in that box?!?

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Source: core77

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