Upgrading Unwanted Furniture with Egg Crate Foam and a Polyurethane Coating

“There are more than enough well designed chairs out there,” writes Dutch product designer Erik Stehmann, who has several on the market himself, “so designing another new one is not an urge I have. The My Pleasure chair, however is an upcycling concept for old chairs. (And it is actually soft!)”

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“The My Pleasure chairs are a upcycling concept I invented for Cooloo, a [Dutch] company that specializes in durable PU (polyurethane) coatings. They are sprayed under high pressure and result in a long lasting and flexible finish.”

“Different models of neglected chairs are provided with a layer of egg foam before getting coated. This results in matching new sets of chairs that have a soft massaging effect.”

Source: core77

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