“Urban Planning”: 59 Of The Best And Worst Examples Of Built Environment Shared In This Online Group

According to the World Health Organization, the environment where we live determines almost 24% of our health status. No wonder adults living in and children growing up in urban settings are increasingly exposed to high levels of air and noise pollution, tend to have less contact with nature, have poorer nutrition and even lack physical activity.

Luckily, good urban planning can not only prevent these risks caused by urbanization but even improve our quality of life. Smart urban planning can make busy public areas natural and peaceful spaces capable of reducing stress, promoting sustainability and a sense of well-being.

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There’s this corner of Reddit known as Urban Planning that is dedicated to collecting and sharing the best and worst examples of urban planning. From entire city infrastructures to small details like stands for bikers to grab onto while waiting for the light, there are many things that influence how we move around and feel in cities that you probably haven’t noticed before.

Below, we wrapped up some of the most interesting examples.

#1 Interesting Concept

Image credits: erinroseglass

#2 Hr Does Have Some Good Wants

Image credits: Jan Lehnardt

#3 What Would Happen If Americans Were In Charge Of Rebuilding Notre Dame

Image credits: jameane

#4 What An Atrocity To Live In

Image credits: ZinloostNaam

#5 The Dutch Prime Minister On His Way Home After A Day Of Work – Front Page, 50k Upvotes

Image credits: TownPro

#6 Tweet About The Lack Of On-Street Parking In Japan

Image credits: pkknight85

#7 Berlin Is Planning A Car-Free Area Larger Than Manhattan

Image credits: [deleted]

#8 A Stand For Bikers To Hold On To While Waiting For The Traffic Lights In Sweden.

Image credits: fyhr100

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#9 Space Required To Transport 48 People (A Car Is A Car Is A Car)

Image credits: dotcoma

#10 1 Car Parking Space = 10 Bike Spaces, Spotted In Stuttgart, Home Of The Car

Image credits: mildawwwg

#11 The Elevated Freeway Got Torn Down. Seoul

Image credits: beunaise

#12 Sad.

Image credits: reddit.com

#13 Nobody: Southwest Us Developers:

Image credits: andamancrake

#14 How One Change Can Make A Big Difference

Image credits: cgyguy81

#15 It Really Be Like That

Image credits: reddit.com

#16 Interesting

Image credits: simongerman600

#17 Pedestrianizing Broadway

Image credits: JSadikKhan

#18 I Don’t Know How That Feels To Live In Downtown Cleveland, But It Definitely Looks Like A Giant Parking Lot.

Image credits: PotatoesAreDangerous

#19 The Big Dig Before And After

Image credits: Smoke_Me_When_i_Die

#20 “A Public Good Isn’t Necessary Because I Don’t Need It”

Image credits: Jorrel14

#21 Barcelona Launches 10-Year Plan To Reclaim City Streets From Cars

Image credits: twiggez-vous

#22 National Association Of City Transportation Officials Animation Showing How Many People Per Hour Each Form Of Transportation Moves

Image credits: reddit.com

#23 Move People Not Cars!

Image credits: _73r0_

#24 Holiday Gridlock…

Image credits: mhusker

#25 This United Airlines Tourism Pitch For America Is Horrifically Unappealing. (In Sydney, Australia)

Image credits: MagnesiumOvercast

#26 Restaurant Owners Nationwide Push To Make Street-Side Dining Permanent

Image credits: Kookaburrrra

#27 Toronto Wants To Kill The “Smart City” Forever: After The Failure Of Google’s Techno-Utopian Sidewalk Labs Project, Urban Planners Are Focusing On Green Space, Livability And Affordable Housing

Image credits: UpboatBrigadier

#28 My City Has Been Removing Some Street Parking And Making These “Parklets”. It’s A Much Better Use Of Space.

Image credits: MajorChances

#29 Neighborhood Walkability

Image credits: moto123456789

#30 Inside The Main Railway Station In Berlin, Germany [1000×1000]

Image credits: Rody365

#31 Old People From My Town Will Say They Miss When You Could Drive Through Downtown. I’m Glad There Are No Longer Cars.

Image credits: HJGamer

#32 Land Use Comparison Of A Typical European City And A North American City, Created By U/Butterslice

Image credits: copperreppoc

#33 Santa Monica In 2009 And 2017 After The Completion Of The Expo Line

Image credits: invaderzimm95

#34 In Paris, The Financial District Is Isolated From The Old City Center, Allowing It To Keep Its Appearance

Image credits: MikeFrench98

#35 Me Irl

Image credits: smouse26

#36 The Way Kopenhagen Prioritises Cyclists With Temporary Infrastructure Due To Roadworks Or Construction Are Better Than Most Cities’ Actual Infrastructure.

Image credits: dutchgirl123

#37 Biking In The City

Image credits: qwerty9814

#38 Trinity College Dublin Replaces Manicured Lawn With Wildflower Meadow To Increase Biodiversity

Image credits: irishliam

#39 Is This Just An American Thing Or Does It Occur In Other Countries As Well?

Image credits: BongeeBoy

#40 You Could Land A 747 On This Side Street (Deal, Nj)

Image credits: BosJC

#41 American Housing Tracts And Cringe Worthy Names, Name A More Iconic Duo.

Image credits: Barbarossa3141

#42 Townsville, USA

Image credits: reddit.com

#43 American Cities. How Can We Change This? Can We Start Reimagining Roads To Be Walkable Public Spaces?

Image credits: ahouseofgold

#44 Reminder Of How Cars Ruined Cities

Image credits: DYMAXIONman

#45 The Basics Of Designing A Neighbourhood

Image credits: le-corbu

#46 Closing Central Madrid To Cars Resulted In 9.5% Boost To Retail Spending, Finds Bank Analysis | Forbes

Image credits: killroy200

#47 Road Sign Seen This Morning; Probably Not The Official Message

Image credits: Andrew_Korenchkin

#48 Current vs. Planned State Of Wenceslas Square, Prague

Image credits: Twisp56

#49 Street In Utrecht, The Netherlands: 1969 – 2017

Image credits: fyhr100

#50 Cycling Is Ten Times More Important Than Electric Cars For Reaching Net-Zero Cities

Image credits: oxtailplanning

#51 Dedicated Bus/Tram Lane And Cycle Highway At My University

Image credits: legidstyle

#52 As Promised, Here’s Some More “Parklets” From Around Downtown Vancouver.

Image credits: MajorChances

#53 Truman Sports Complex, Kansas City, Ms, USA (Capacity 37,903 And 79,451) vs. Amsterdam Arena, Nh, Netherlands (Capacity 54,990).

Image credits: ELLEN_POO

#54 Jaw Dropping

Image credits: louismirante

#55 Big Envisions Covering Brooklyn Highway In Landscaped Waterfront Park [1582 X 890]

Image credits: conorthearchitect

#56 This Infographic Stunned Me

Image credits: iwishiwasbored

#57 San Francisco Bans Cars On Market Street

Image credits: Zharol

#58 Rosario, Argentina, Before And Today.

Image credits: picardia

#59 45 Years Of Canadian Suburbia

Image credits: Qu_Aisha

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