Urine Trouble Act: States Move to Ban Fake Urine

The opioid crisis in the United States has led to an unexpected rise in demand for … fake pee.

To be sure, people have long tried to beat drug tests by providing other people’s urine, but authorities say that the preferred method nowadays is to use synthetic urine, creatively smuggled in the pants of the person to be tested.

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The rise of the use of fake urine has now prompted many states to enact laws banning their sale:

Mississippi’s bill was dubbed the “Urine Trouble Act,” drawing snickers and groans in the State House. But its sponsors and others said that the jokey name belies a real problem: Truck drivers, people who operate heavy machinery and others can use the synthetic liquid to easily thwart a drug test, potentially creating public risks. …

Mississippi state Rep. Willie Bailey (D), speaking at a hearing in Jackson, held a bottle of fake urine that came with instructions suggesting that users could microwave it to achieve body temperature. He said the substance has been a “hot seller” in truck stops statewide. “They can’t keep it in stock,” he said.

Katie Zezima of The Washington Post has the full story. (Image: P(ee) by triagus)

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