Using a Drone to Change a Light Bulb

People have been trying to use quadrotor drones to change light bulbs for years, shattering bulbs in the process. Removing the bulb is apparently easier than installing it.

In this video below, an anonymous drone pilot in Madrid succeeded in getting the bulb screwed in (though the jump cuts suggest multiple attempts):

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However, it appears the bulb is perhaps hot-glued to the cork, so unless the plugged-in bulb gets hot enough to melt the glue, there’s no practical way to disengage.

At this point yes, it’s just a silly stunt, but in the future this will surely be done autonomously. Drone-changed lightbulbs would be a boon for convention centers, factories and other large, high-ceilinged facilities—and will probably put people like Kevin Schmidt, a professional tower climber who changes bulbs atop 1,500-foot towers, out of work. His harrowing job is shown below. (Warning: As someone afraid of heights, the video made me queasy.)

Source: core77

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