Using hand-written letters to expose personality

Annie Vought’s delicate paper cutouts are exquisitely impressive. Vought focuses on the handwritten letter as both an architectural medium, as well as a lenses revealing the personality behind the words, “…penmanship, word choice, and spelling all contribute to possible narratives about who that person is and what they are like.”

Based in California, Vought enlarges letters that she’s found, written, or received and with an exact-o knife, and splices away the negative space in-between each letter. The pieces are held together by interconnections shared between various letters of each text. These frail-looking sheets are displayed on long pins, and cast intricate shadows against the wall, allowing the viewer to observe the various ways in which writing is able to communicate, connect and expose personality. “But in the exposure is a vulnerability we all share. I’m interested in human relationships, overall — the ones we have with ourselves and others.”



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