Utilitarian Design: The Flint Bio-Heater

Flint Lab is a company working on combustion technology intended to replace dirty kerosene and coal-fired heaters used in rural areas and farms. Their goal is to “enable users to use leftover oils from animals or plants as a primary fuel,” they write. “Waste cooking oil, animal fat/oil, plant oil, microalgae oil, coffee oil, insect oil. These fuels can be produced at a low cost without additional processing.”

The company hired South Korean industrial design consultancy Unichest to design a mobile housing for the prototype. It’s utilitarian and beautiful:

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“Unlike existing kerosene heaters, the Flint heater is an eco-friendly bioheater that uses cooking oil as fuel and uses a unique combustion module to transfer heat.”

“Based on easy parts composition and manufacturing methods, the design that makes use of details shows a neat and minimal appearance that goes well with cluttered farm atmospheres.”

I think the form is fantastic. They’ve obviously rounded the top so you can’t place anything on there, and I can’t find an extraneous element anywhere. It looks like it would be straightforward to manufacture. The only thing I’d like to see is some examples of the UX; how is it loaded, for instance? Flint Lab has not published a timeline of their expected progress, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: core77

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