valeska soares

Yes, I LOVE this. “Doubleface” is the latest series by Brazilian born, New York based artist Valeska Soares. Vintage paintings reversed, re-stretched (I assume), painted, and cut. She says, “these portraits are about creating a relationship with these women – about the history of portraiture, oil painting and abstraction.” Obviously I love the little peek we get of the portraits, but I also love the way Valeska has titled them… each piece titled after the paint color featured. For example, the pieces above (from top to bottom) are titled:  “Nickel Titanium Yellow/Permanent Green”, “Gris de Payne”, “Turquoise Blue”, “Sap Green”, “Deep Cadmium Red”, and “Indian Red/Ivory Black”. Sigh. Here’s to a weekend filled with thrift shops and paint stores!

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{Her work is on the cover of the September issue of Frieze.}

Source: thejealouscurator

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