Vegetables drained of life suggest a grim future for food

Italian photographer Giorgio Cravero elicits a dark commentary on human’s relationship with nature in his new series of metaphorical images. The photographs show common vegetables that appear to have their color draining from them, dripping out as vibrant liquid leaving a dead and gray plant behind.

“Men are poison for the earth,” Cravero explains.” “[…] Nature will outlive us: in the fruit and toxic vegetables, where color slides away, there’s the upper part which firmly holds the color of life. Do we really think that we can make a difference? Do we really think, in the age of technology, that we can lay down mankind’s law to the extent that we dominate the law of nature?”

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Whether you agree with Cravero and his grim outlook of the future of the environment, or not, his striking photos certainly elicit an important modern day conversation about sustainability.








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