Velveeta-scented Nail Polish

Have you ever dreamed of sporting perfectly-manicured nails that appear to be dripping with cheese sauce? Nails.INC of London is offering a cheesy deal on nail polish in their Pinkies Out line that mimics the look of melty-good Velveeta cheese sauce! It even has the scent of cheese, once it’s dried. The polish is available in a two-pack for $15, one bottle that’s Velveeta yellow, the other in red because that’s the color of the font on the box, I guess. The first run of this limited-edition polish sold out in nine days, but they’ve restocked now. If the sales continue that quickly, the limited edition may become as regular product. Now, why anyone would want their nails to look like they’re a messy eater is anyone’s guess, but apparently some do. -via Everlasting Blort

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Source: neatorama

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