VeroUltra 3D Printing Material Offers Crazy Level of Material Realism

Stratasys’ VeroUltra 3D printing material is now capable of providing absurdly realistic representations of wood, glass and even LED screens with images on them. Check out some examples below, all of which were created in a single print:

Multi-Material Ladle

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“The VeroUltra materials allowed for high pigmentation and color matching to help designers validate the appearance of the final product. Additionally, the highly-realistic procedural wood texture — exported from Keyshot in a single step — creates a part with a lifelike wood appearance when printed.”

CMF Car Key Fob Prototype

“The VeroUltra colors allowed for multiple opacities as well as create a color match and sharp screen simulation that are true to the original design intent. Detailed graphics embedded into the 3D print file also produced buttons that mimic the sharpness and brightness of in-mold-labeling.”

Beer Bottles with Labels

“…Designers were able to visualize an entire packaging design — bottle and label — in one physical model. The technology also made sharp detailing possible on elements such barcodes, QR codes and label text, which helped with the readability of the design. The VeroUltra materials also allowed designers to achieve bright colors and smooth gradients straight from the printer.”

You can see more examples, and learn more about the VeroUltra stuff, here.

Source: core77

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