Very Special Wedding Gowns

A bride and six bridesmaid, posing with their hands in their pockets. Men don’t understand what’s so special about this picture, but women knew immediately. See, these dresses were custom-made, or else they wouldn’t have pockets! Eve Paterson of Cambridge, UK, made sure the dresses all have pockets sewn in.

Mrs Paterson, a charity worker from Cambridge, said: “It’s just so rare for women’s clothing to be practical.

“It might seem ridiculous to most men, but we often have to choose between convenience and looking good.”

The dress suppliers offered the option of pockets, which Mrs Paterson said made “perfect sense”.

Perfect sense, in that it’s impossible to carry purses through a wedding ceremony and reception. Besides snacks, the women were able to carry the day’s schedule, the seating plan, and their phones. Another bride commented that her custom pocket held the groom’s ring for the ceremony. Note to clothing designers: incorporate usable pockets into women’s wear, and customers will be beating down your doors. Photographer Toby Mitchell took more than one picture highlighting the pockets, which you can see at BBC News. -via Metafilter

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