Vessels Made from Wood Offcuts, Borrowing a Ceramics Technique

What can you do with tiny offcuts of wood?

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For Brooklyn-based furniture maker Richard Haining, the scraps of others are the raw materials for his STACKED series of vessels.

“Richard finds inspiration in the abundance or wood being discarded throughout NYC, from woodshop offcuts to old growth lumber scrapped from the pre-war buildings of NYC’s architectural landscape. This ‘waste’ has become the building blocks of his signature STACKED Collection.”

“The STACKED forms are created by hand stacking thousands of individual of pieces of this salvaged wood. They are built similar to a coiled ceramic pot, or an analog 3d printer. Piece by individual piece of wood, layer upon layer, the shape is revealed. Once constructed, the exterior is refined by hand, creating a honed surface with subtle variations unique to the piece. This varied palette is part of this material’s unique history, a fingerprint of time passed, something to be celebrated and only achieved through reclamation.”

The depth of Haining’s production is staggering; he’s generated over 80 STACKED pieces. See more here.

Source: core77

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