Video: ATC Interior Design

In the background of the stock for my next ATC class is the half-done chest I started in the last class. Mocking me.

I don’t always build a chest alongside with my Anarchist’s Tool Chest classes – after all, I already have two full-size tool chests (one at the Lost Art Press shop and one at home), and there are only so many I can sell. But during my early December class, I decided to make one…partially at least. I always end up having to cede my bench and/or tools to students. Plus once the skirts are on, I spend a lot more time walking around than cutting my own joints. I’m terrified someone is going to send a flesh-cut flush-cut saw into a hand as they trim off protruding pins on the angled bits of the skirts. (The joints are cut before the bevel, so once the skirts are glued on, the “ears” get cut off.) I’ve cut into my own thenar eminence (that fleshy mound at the base of the thumb) more than once during this very operation. (I don’t mind my own blood, but I certainly don’t want to see student blood!)

A not-great picture of an “ear,” waiting to be to trimmed.

So, I have sitting on my bench right now a glued-up carcase with the rest of the bits stacked on top. Once I finish the chest exterior (hopefully this week), we’re going to film kitting out the interior with what we consider the standard tills and racks:

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• three dovetailed tills and their runners
• hole-y rack for thin pointy tools (chisels, screwdrivers and the like) – both with and without a rack behind it for hanging backsaws
• saw till on the floor for panel saws and longer handsaws
• moulding plane cubby

We might also show installing the hardware…if time allows and if I can stomach being on screen for that much longer.

I expect we’ll have the video available sometime in February.

Yes, I need to clean out my chest bottom and tills – but yes, I know where things are, thank you very much.

Also, I’ll have a full-sized ATC for sale soon-ish – shoot me an email if you’re interested. (I’m thinking of painting it blue.)



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