VILLA 4L is More Than Meets the Eye

VILLA 4L is More Than Meets the Eye

What at first might appear to be a modern home in the hills of Lugano is rather a three-apartment urban villa. Designed by Nicola Probst Architetti, the project manages the steep, hilly terrain of the area through retaining walls that are central to the project. Aside from providing stability, they also define both the internal and external spaces, making what could be a design barrier – the hills – the generator of the entire project.

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Beyond the retaining walls, the core of the Villa 4L project is the main apartment’s large, open living room that’s bordered by a pool, terrace, mineral garden, and service area. The residence has three levels and embraces the two smaller apartments. A heat pump, photovoltaic, and thermal solar panels guarantee energy sustainability for the three spaces.

Photos by Alexandre Zveiger

Source: design-milk

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