Vincent Leroy imagines giant mobile of magnifying glass floating above venetian boats

After exhibiting it in front of the louvre in Paris last year, the french artist Vincent Leroy continues his experiments around the phenomena of perception and installs ‘slow lens’ in the canals of Venice, Italy. The giant installation of about sixty magnifying glasses spins slowly above the water of Venice creating a mix of effect and environment.

The kaleidoscopic effect overlaps reality

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The moving surface by Vincent Leroy is volatile and almost imperceptible. It is superimposed on the environment while transforming it, like a mirage. The installation’s multiple facets react to light, reflections from water, and buildings to create a kaleidoscopic, abstract, and changing vision. The project acts as a filter between passers-by and reality and offers them another reading that is both dreamlike and poetic.

Detail view of the lens

Project info:

Name: slow lensDesigner: vincent leroyLocation: venice, italy Music by: jerome echenoz / adorable studio

credits: [designboom]
Source: feeldesain

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