“Vintage And Weird Things You Have Found”: 94 People Share Their Wildest Thrift Store Finds

Thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales are basically new versions of ancient archeological sites.

Upon entering them, you never know what you’re gonna find and hours later, it’s usually one of the two: either you leave empty-handed, asking yourself why spend so much time for nothing, or come across a hidden gem that makes even those disappointing endeavors worth it.

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Interestingly, the Facebook group ‘Vintage and weird things you have found’ has the best of both. Its 185K members regularly share pictures of their most memorable discoveries, and if they don’t inspire you to check out your local second-hand store, honestly, I don’t know what will.

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#1 I Scored This Stunning Deep Scarlett Victorian Gown Exactly My Size!!

Image credits: Jennifer Charlotte Marie Blowes

#2 A Lovely Bed For A Kid!

Image credits: Indula Deshan

Chances are, online groups like ‘Vintage and weird things you have found’ are going to be getting more and more content. As inflation continues driving shoppers to reach deep into their pockets, many are doing what they can to make or save some extra cash. One of those options is second-hand selling and shopping.

“We purchase 200-300 items every single day,” Style Encore at Lake Charles, Louisiana, owner Stacey Buller said. An industry that was hurting during the height of the pandemic is now seeing more business with inflation-propelled costs.

#3 I Found This Beautiful Royal Sealy Teacup

It has a bit of what looks like glue on the plate and side of cup. But other than that, beautiful! I can’t wait to drink out of it. (I know it probably has lead. I don’t care)

Image credits: Roxanne Francine McClatchy

#4 Found This Unique Table While Thrifting. Very Intricate

Edit: Yes, I am aware that this is a ouija board. Yes, it came home with me. I’m simply an oddity collector. No one is summoning demons in my house.

Image credits: Danielle Osburn

#5 Trash Picked This Mcm Accordion Front TV Stand And Made A Dog Bed Out Of It!

Notice Blackie in the same pose as in the painting above

Image credits: Stacey Schultz

“During Covid, it was pretty slow but then within the past couple of months, we’ve seen our foot traffic get heavier and heavier,” Buller explained.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

The market for bargains is growing and Buller said women are coming in looking for anything from work to athletic clothes.

“Ladies come in to look for a dress for church or their casual clothing, their athletic, a lot of people are getting back into the gyms.”

#6 Look What I Got Today. I Have Wanted A Vanity Like This Since I Was About 12

Image credits: Cheryl Cross Odland

#7 Found This Beauty Literally On The Side Of The Road In A Pile Of Free Stuff

Image credits: Sue Sudekum

#8 Weird, For Sure!

Image credits: Barbara Balog

#9 What A Find Today …early 50’s Bakelite Canister Salt Box And Spice Rack

Image credits: John Richard

Inflation price hikes are leaving many customers questioning, why pay full when there are racks and racks of steals and deals at second-hand stores?

“A lot of ladies are coming in to sell for that quick cash, or they’re even shopping. All of our prices are 50-90% below retail of the big box stores so they can get a really, really good deal,” Buller added.

#10 Omg I’m So Excited About Today’s Purchase

Image credits: Brandi Gooding

#11 1930’s Windsor Gas Oven

Image credits: Ivy MH

#12 Ladies And Gentlemen, Behold My Find Today… (Ignore The Little Shop Of Horrors Inside) $65 In Everett, Wa

Image credits: Ivy Ren

#13 Picked This Up At A Flea Market This Morning. Not Sure How Old It Is… But I Love It

Image credits: Kam Ciccosanti

But it’s not just the physical stores where people can make an extra buck. An average American has 36 unwanted items in their homes, worth $3,675, that they could turn into cash, according to a 2021 report by online marketplace eBay.

The document took a look at what motivated its sellers of secondhand products over the past year, and learned that a majority of sellers who were new to eBay said they began selling pre-owned goods to simply make some cash.

#14 Maybe Not The Most Practical Purchase Ever, But Saw The Giraffe In Goodwill Today And Couldn’t Stop Thinking About Him

Image credits: Dawn Genzlinger Rutt

#15 When You’re Lucky Enough To Wake Up At 3 Am To Use The Bathroom And Log Onto Facebook Marketplace And Find The Camper Of Your Dreams That You Wanted For Years

And that was only listed for 11 minutes

Image credits: Rayann Fatizzi

#16 A Book With A Bullet Hole

Published 1896. This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever found. Not only is it a trove of lost music and poems, it’s well traveled, I found it in a dump of a thrift store in Hollywood, and I’m not the only one who has found it interesting. It has many inscriptions one states it was a gift from some store owner to her writer friend and she got it from TX which had traveled from South Carolina. (See below.) And stranger still? There is a freaking bullet hole in it! (The bullet is gone btw.) But why?! I wish I knew. Was it in someone’s pocket? At a saloon? In someone’s library? Why the bullet hole? Why?!
Edit: I’m so glad you all find this as interesting and charming as I do! I’ve added more photos for you all to enjoy! Also turns out there was a Sadiee Gollithan who lived in Nashville around that time. What an odd yet cool name.

Image credits: Lisa Marie Wardell

#17 One Of My Daughter’s Finds

Image credits: Carol Carpenter Pendleton

The report reflects that the pandemic caused more people to buy and sell on its platform. Fourth-quarter revenue in 2020 was up 28% and gross merchandise volume – the value of the goods sold on the platform – was up 21%. For the full year, revenue was up 19% and gross merchandise volume was up 17%, to over $100 billion.

#18 My Husband Was Pretty Much Paid $40 To Remove This From Someone’s Home

Image credits: Jessica Halsch

#19 So Wish I Could Bring This Home And Throw A Groovy Cocktail Party! But For $1,700 It’s Still In The Shop

Image credits: Chrystal Reynolds Stewart

#20 I Acquired This Ladies Art Deco Dresser Set And Think It’s Absolutely Fabulous

Image credits: Tammy Schoch

#21 A Vintage Quilt My Grandmother Made In The 60s

Image credits: Suzanne Zethner

While sellers said they need to make money, buyers were spending freely on collectible sneakers, luxury watches, and trading cards.

eBay, said trading card sales increased by 142% in 2020, with 4 million more cards sold than in 2019.

#22 My Vintage Thrifted Living Room

Image credits: Cait Hardcastle

#23 One Of My Holy Grails!!! Ive Been Wanting One Forever! The Best Part Is It Was Free!!

Image credits: Mary Beth Hankins

#24 Banana Holder

Image credits: Gay Lazzari

#25 I Hope This Is The Right Place To Share: Alice In Wonderland Fans Will Enjoy These

I purchased, or should I say convinced my mom to purchase these whimsical earrings for me in the early nineties. They are polymer clay and marionette.

Image credits: Ashley Davis

“When times are tough, people have told us that they go back to the things that make them happy, and oftentimes that’s a passion – collecting things like comic books or trading cards – things that bring people joy,” Bradford Shellhammer, vice president of buyer experience at eBay, said.

So I guess we can, in fact, live on just bread and games.

#26 I Recently Found 4 Sketches By Norman Bridwell Author Of Clifford The Big Red Dog

They are approximately 30 x 19 inches, they were laminated when I found them. They were given to a school after he did a talk there

Image credits: Bill DiGiovanni

#27 Thought You Guys Would Appreciate This

Image credits: Megan Tucker

#28 Look What I Got Today!

Image credits: Deborah Sasileo Frasca

#29 I Picked Up This Guy At A Vintage Market. Yep, It Included The Doll Parts. He Was Labeled As “Creepy Vintage Bunny”

Image credits: Melissa Maybusher

#30 Remember The Scrubby Frog

Image credits: Kelli Hoefler

#31 My Mom Found Me This Vintage Madame Alexander Doll Today At Goodwill! It Is Jo From Little Women, One Of My Favorite Characters Ever. I Love It So Much!

Image credits: Emily Bryant

#32 This Doll

Image credits: Jessica Taylor

#33 My Find While Cleaning Out My Boyfriend’s Parent’s House!!

Image credits: Lisa Grant

#34 How Old Would You Say This Is?

Image credits: Mesa Sena

#35 Weird Doll Found In Michigan Goodwill Left It There

Image credits: Linda Roberts

#36 Cleaned And Organized This Vintage Sewing Kit! I Paid $5 For This And Contents At The Salvation Army!

Image credits: Rita Fleming Weaver

#37 I Found 2 Bags Of ‘Spreaders’ – Those Little Decorative Knives Used To Spread Cheese. There Were S Total Of 113! Here’s Just An Example Of Them

Image credits: Paula Blazek

#38 I Have Been Looking For A House Hippo Since I First Heard The Term In This Group

Today I found her! She’s 3” long, hand painted and vintage. Artists name is signed on bottom- Basil Matthews. There are several articles on House Hippos – I thought they brought good luck. And I’m sticking with the Good Luck theory

Image credits: Diane Cook

#39 I Have A Love Hate Relationship With This Lamp

Image credits: Jennifer Schmalz

#40 Banana Hat!!! Less Then A Dollar Find Today At A Thrift Store

Image credits: Jessica Schmitz

#41 Here I Am In My Backyard In Last Saturday’s Work Ensem, Which Is Basically A Dress (With A Full Petticoat Underneath) Over A Skirt

The vintage parts are the thrifted hat and gloves. All other parts (except for the skirt) were also thrifted, as was Kalmah’s hat

Image credits: Michelle Trebilco

#42 I Now Have A Stone Apple To Go With The Stone Watermelon Slice And Stone Egg. Don’t Ask What I’m Doing With My Life, I Have No Idea

Image credits: Sabrina Schwartz Avalon

#43 Curious Kitty Sweet Honest Cologne By Avon. Found At My Favorite Little Boutique

Image credits: Lorena Snodgrass

#44 Kenneth Jay Lane 1960s Whimsical Starburst Ruby And Diamond Faux Costume Brooch In Immaculate Condition 3.99…

Image credits: Christina Johnson Mooneyham

#45 Saw These At An Antique Shop Today. My Nana Had This Pixie Cookie Jar

Image credits: Lisa Marie

#46 This 8 By 10 Photograph Was In A Vintage Dresser I Purchased

Image credits: Cindy Howard

#47 The Bracelet Is To Die For

Image credits: Susan Gordon

#48 Fun Stuff From Mom’s Collection

Image credits: Joanne Ingram Armstrong

#49 $5 Flea Market Find Near Taylor, Mi, It’s So Fabulous I Had To Have It!

Image credits: Alicia Barber

#50 I Don’t Know If This Is Considered Vintage Or Not, I Found It At A Garage Sale And Thought “Ohhh A Beat Up, Stained, Silly Book. That’s Worth A Quarter.”

I couldn’t find too much on the Googs, curious if anyone knows anything more about it?

Image credits: Reyan Kay

#51 Found A House Hippo At The Farmers Market Today!

I think I’ll name him Henry, I guess it could be Henrietta. Anyone care to gender my house hippo???
I love that it’s in a sexy pose!

Image credits: Karla Shannon McCreary

#52 Nodders And Push Up Toys

Image credits: Sue Brook

#53 Picked Up This Adorable Print Today!

Image credits: Karen DiGiorgio Burke

#54 I Just Found This Shadow Box At Goodwill!

Image credits: Valerie DK

#55 I Bought This Lamp A Number Of Years Ago. It’s Been In Storage For A While Until I Can Find The Appropriate Shade

Now the two are married for life of course it was a thrift shop buy I can’t remember the price but you know me I’m thrifty

Image credits: Jonathan Holmberg

#56 This Frog

Image credits: Vicki Patterson

#57 The Lamp Shade Was My Late Mother’s Waited Till I Found The Perfect Lamp For It.

Image credits: Danny Martin

#58 Did Not Come Home With Me….but Thinking I Might Go Back And Get It!! My 6 Year Old Grandson Loved It!!! What Do You All Think?

Image credits: Cindy Jones

#59 This Shirt

Image credits: Susan Gordon

#60 Anyone Know Anything About These Type Of Chairs?

Image credits: Jenn Harmon

#61 Saw This At A Habitat For Humanity The Other Day. I Sat In It. It’s Still Calling Me. My Husband Didn’t Like It But I Think It Can Sit On The Back Porch Until Winter. Found In Anderson, Sc.

Image credits: Dawn Roxanna Chute Strahan

#62 I Got This For $10!

Image credits: Dawn M. Warren

#63 Scored This For $20. The Fan Blows Like A Category 5 Hurricane When I Get It Goin

Image credits: Kari K Murral

#64 Found At A Nearby Garage Sale Today (And Left – We Dont Eat Enough Hotdogs To Do It Justice)

Image credits: Karen Spencer

#65 Didn’t Come Come With Me, But I Was Very Amused

Image credits: Nettie Ricker

#66 I’m Not Sure How Old She Is, But She Still Smells Heavenly

Image credits: Kelly Pepin

#67 Found These At A Yard Sale Today. Was Told They Were Made For Disney. Any Info Would Be Helpful. Any Idea Of Value?

Image credits: Gail Harrie

#68 The Ultimate Creepy Doll. With Love From The Ptl. Thank You Jim And Tammy Fay. Found In A Lot We Bought Some Years Ago. Both The Box And Her Soul Are Slightly Crushed

Image credits: Kristen Poole

#69 I’m So Excited! I Got All Of These Beauties At An Estate Sale For $10 This Evening

Image credits: Amber Caudill

#70 I Pet Sat For My Daughter/Son In Law While They Had My Grandaughter At Cincinnati Children’s Hospital For Scheduled Appointments For A Little Over A Week

When they got back today, my daughter handed me the best gift! A Fiona House Hippo!!! I’ve been watching and hadn’t found a house hippo yet, and this one is perfect

Image credits: Cathy Zeltner

#71 Not Weird But Unusual! Haven’t Seen A Basket Like This Before

Image credits: Mo Dan

#72 My Daughter – She Ran Across This Absolute Gem At A Vintage Clothing Store

Image credits: Carrie Leasure Stanley

#73 A Royal Worcester Egg Coddler

I think (??) 1931-1950s, according to the stamp. My mom received this as a gift from a neighbour years ago. It was was a wedding gift and my mom thinks they may have been married in the 40s or 50s. She was going to sell it in a garage sale but I thought it was cool so I took it home. It even has the instructions.

Image credits: Corrie Hemminger

#74 Not Creepy At All

Image credits: May Anthony

#75 I Don’t Drive And Do Most Thrifting Keeping Watch Over Marketplace Religiously

I found this entire collection posted for 30$ and he dropped off
They belonged to his recently deceased wife.
5 rainbow colored skull shape bottles are un photod

Image credits: Denise Sandra

#76 Not A Fan Of Blue, But Thought This Was Hella Cool. So It Followed Us Home. Cast Iron & Metal

Image credits: Sonya Johnson

#77 Smarties Bowl. Did Not Come Home With Me

Image credits: Joel Ryan Cox

#78 My Mom Found This For Only $6.99. The Tag, My Kid Ripped It Off, Says It Made In 1979

Image credits: Christina Vinzant

#79 This Is My Mom’s Bakelite Tortoise Shell Purse. I’ve Loved It Since I Was Little

Image credits: Jacqui Oh

#80 Today’s Fabulous Find!!!!

My daughter has claimed it and absorbed it into her bedroom already

Image credits: Rebecca Fe

#81 All Saint Axle… Yes He Came Home With Me!

Image credits: Mike Snyder

#82 This Fabulous Gal Was At An Estate Sale I Went To Today!

She didn’t come home with me because it was cash only and I’d spent all my money!

Image credits: Renae Jae

#83 Lookie What I Found On The Way To The Register To Pay For My $1.20 Spatula. I Couldn’t Get Them To The Checkout Quick Enough

Image credits: Priscilla Waggoner

#84 Yard Sale Cutie

She’s about 4-5” and has a pocket under her chin that has a marble built into it to slide a tea towel into it and hold it there. Easily able to change out towels. It screws onto the wall near my kitchen sink!

Image credits: Rene Yates

#85 Goodwill Gold

Image credits: Kari Cummings

#86 Creepy Doll Hanging From A Noose That My Mom Hung In Her Roommates Closet When She Was Mad At Him

Image credits: Jenn Harmon

#87 I Found This Collegiate Owl Cookie Jar At The Key Center Thrift In Lecanto, Fl. Did I Need Him, No. Did I Get Him, Yes. As You Can See I Have A Cookie Jar Already. Half Off Day So $40. Yes

Image credits: Tammy Locklear Preter

#88 We Found This Cool Wrought Iron Piece Today And I’m Trying To Figure Out What It May Have Been From.

Either way I love it.
I’m thinking of painting it yellow, orange and red to represent the sun and hanging it somewhere on our porch. What other ideas do you all have for it? It’s pretty heavy..weighs about 15 pounds.

Image credits: Megan Evans

#89 ‘Great Set Of Legs You Got There!’

I found these legs at a swap meet a few years ago in Conway Arkansas. They are light weight, sort of a papier-mâché over styrofoam. (see side view photo)
Other than a great conversation piece, I have no idea what they were originally created for, do you?

Image credits: Brenda Leger

#90 I’ve Had My Eye On This Enid Collins Skunk Box Purse For Several Months

Image credits: Courtney Harms

#91 $42 It Did Not Come Home With Me

Image credits: Elisabeth Rogers Flynn

#92 Picked These Bunnies Up At A Yardsale Saturday

Image credits: Marianne Mehalik

#93 $5 Flea Market Find Near Taylor, Mi, It’s So Fabulous I Had To Have It!

Image credits: Alicia Barber

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