Vintage Portable Audio Design: The Philips D8018 "Roller" Boombox

Although boomboxes are now as rare as “C” and “D” batteries, I thought this one was worth dusting off. This striking D8018 portable radio cassette, a/k/a The Philips Roller, dates from roughly 1985.

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Don’t let the circular shape in the center panel fool you; the design antedates mainstream uptake of CDs, and is in fact is the cover for a cassette player.

Judging by the proportions of the translucent battery cover, it looks like it took no less than six “C” batteries (I can’t even remember the last time I saw those anywhere).

I absolutely love the pull-up antenna (the red sphere). It’s also weird seeing the “stereo-mono” toggle switch; while I remember those on objects from the era, I can’t recall ever wanting to switch from stereo to mono.

I’m thinking there’s no way these went for $300 in 1985 money, but that’s what this one is going for on Etsy. I bet at least a few of you had one of these that you wish you hadn’t sold for five bucks in that garage sale.

Source: core77

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