Vintage Radiators with Built-In Plate Warmers Sound Pretty Good Right Now

It’s currently freezing where I am, but with many Texans still out of power, I’m not gonna complain. I will, however, pine for one of these old-school radiators:

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Yes, it seems that in Victorian times, manufacturers of cast-iron radiators offered models with built-in warming drawers. Placed in the dining room (when dining rooms were a thing), you could keep plates and pots warm for latecomers.

“It works surprisingly well,” writes an owner of one on, “just yesterday it kept a cup of coffee warm at 110 degrees.”

This one has a lower shelf that I’m guessing is for footwear:

Speaking of which, my feet are the coldest part of my body right now. What I’d love is to have one of these loaded up with fresh pairs of socks.

Source: core77

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